The Seasons of ‘Orange is the New Black’ RANKED

Netflix’s Orange is the New Black released its sixth season just over a week ago. Every season of the hit series is innovative and charming, but as the series goes, some seasons are bound to be better than others (at least in our opinion). Here is our ranking of the series’ six seasons:

6. Season 1

Despite being the last season on this list, it is by no means bad. All six seasons of the series are good, but this happens to be our least favorite. It’s the OG that started it all. It laid the groundwork for the series. And it did just that. The following seasons expanded upon it, improving as the series progressed.

5. Season 5

A very controversial season, I actually enjoyed the change of pace and the narrative taking place over the span of a few days. Because of this we got to see everyone’s involvement (or lack thereof) and reactions to the riot. However, despite being gripping and having some shock value, the other seasons just outranked it.

4. Season 3

Piper’s panty business isn’t my favorite storyline, but the remainder of the season and the other characters’ storylines proved noteworthy. The season’s ending with the lake was also beautifully done.

3. Season 4

The season leading up to the riot. Lots of changes are occurring at Litchfield, and these changes, combined with the characters’ stories and motives made for a compelling season.

2. Season 2

Season one was good, but season two built on it expertly and crafted a well-rounded story with captivating personalities and character backgrounds and interactions.

1. Season 6

Yes, it’s the latest season, but season six was handled extremely well. The characters are balanced really well, the storylines remained interesting, the fallout of the riot was handled properly, and it felt cohesive and not messy at all. The season also balanced post-riot fallout and new faces and situations really well, culminating in something both new and familiar, which the show needs to do if it is going to stick around.

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What are your thoughts on Orange is the New Black’s newest season? What is your favorite season of the series? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your thoughts and opinions!

Written by Preston Smith

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