True Crime Documentaries to Binge During Lockdown


Thanks to the many streaming services at our fingertips, there is certainly no shortage of shows to keep us busy during the lockdown. Now that we all have a lot more time on our hands, it’s the perfect time to get binge-watching! Though sometimes it can be difficult to decide on what to watch since there are so many options!

Here at Fuzzable, we’ve created a list of some of the best true crime documentaries available on Netflix If you have an interest in the darker side of the world, you’re sure to find something on this list that will have you hooked!


The Confession Tapes

Would you confess to a crime you hadn’t committed? That is the question this docu-series will leave you asking yourself again and again. Using police interrogation footage and interviews, each episode of this series focuses on cases in which innocent people have falsely confessed to crimes. Fans of psychology and criminology will be particularly interested in some of the strategies police use to coerce an innocent person to give false confessions. Rife with misconduct and miscarriages of justice throughout North America, The Confession Tapes will leave you intrigued as to how something so unjust could happen so often in the criminal justice system.


Abducted in Plain Sight

This documentary movie will grab you at the very beginning and not let you go until the credits roll. Abducted in Plain Sight tells the story of Jan Broberg, who was kidnapped twice as a teenager by a family friend in the 1970s. Through interviews and old footage, it shows just how easy it can be for someone charismatic and seemingly friendly to completely win over the trust of a family and steal their child without them even noticing. Without spoiling too much, this documentary has so many twists and revelations that you won’t be able to stop thinking about them for days afterwards! Robert Berchtold’s fascination with Jan will certainly be a case to remember.

Tiger King

If you’ve been distanced from social media recently, you will have missed the buzz around possibly the maddest documentary released in recent memory. This Netflix original docu-series initially aimed to shed a light on the trade of exotic animals and the private zoos who engage in this still legal activity in the USA. However, this series will go places you could not possibly predict thanks to its key focus: the captivating character that is Joe Exotic, the self-proclaimed ‘Tiger King’, and his vendetta against fellow private zoo owner, Carole Baskin. From his bizarre presidential campaign to the problems that come with running a zoo filled with large cats, a failed TV show and the crimes that eventually led to a prison sentence, Joe Exotic’s tale will have you coming back for more with each episode.


Evil Genius

This docu-series explores the Pizza Bomber case, an incident which shook the town of Erie, Pennsylvania in the early 2000s. Though only 4 episodes long, Evil Genius details the intricate relationships and events that led up to the brutal death Brian Wells that was broadcast on live television after a failed bank heist. With a cruel scavenger hunt, unbelievable twists and one of the FBI’s most bizarre and intricate cases, prepare to be both shocked and engrossed by this twisted tale.

Don’t F**k with Cats

Yet another Netflix documentary series that took the internet by storm a few months ago, Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer follows the group of hobbyist internet sleuths who helped police in an international manhunt back in 2012. What started as an attempt to see justice carried out for animal cruelty quickly escalated to an almost unimaginable severity, all to the horror of the internet group who were targeted by this manipulative, egotistical figure. The series shows just how the group tracked the killer’s every move and even predicted his next steps before the police did. A truly thrilling watch from start to finish, Don’t F**k with Cats is an emotional roller-coaster.


The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

California was shocked when eight-year-old Gabriel Fernandez was murdered by his own mother and her boyfriend in 2013. The torture and abuse he endured before his death was one of the worst cases seen by the LA Department of Children and Family Services, yet they did not remove him from the home or get him to safety. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez shows how one boy’s suffering shed a light onto the failings of the service meant to protect children. From the negligent social workers and the police, to the cries for help from Gabriel’s teacher and Gabriel himself, this documentary series shows how hard prosecutor Jon Hatami fought to see justice done for Gabriel to prevent other children slipping through the cracks of the services designed to keep them safe.


Have you seen any of these documentaries? What are you currently watching? Let us know @Fuzzable!

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