Is It Worth Renting A Sports Car When Travelling To The Emirates?

The Emirates is one of the most beautiful and impressive countries in the world, and Dubai is its heart and soul. When you come to this incredible city, which combines luxury and technology, you may get lost. This happens due to the desire to see everything at once. The city’s large size and intense heat can make it difficult to enjoy all the attractions on foot. To get a lot of positive emotions from a trip to the Emirates, it is recommended to rent a car in Dubai or other major cities.

But is it worth renting a sports car for a trip to the UAE? The answer is clear: yes, if you want to have an unforgettable experience while in the country. To enjoy not only the beauty of the city, but also the speed and luxury of driving a sports car, you can address Ferrari rental in Dubai and drive along ideal roads past beautiful landscapes.

Below we will look at the main reasons why you should rent a sports car when travelling to the UAE.

The Roads Are Ideal For Sports Cars

The UAE has some of the best roads in the world. The United Arab Emirates is riddled with a huge network of luxury roads. Most intercity routes have a minimum of three lanes in each direction, with median barriers and night-time lighting along the entire length of the highway.

Modern technologies have become the key to the excellent quality of the road surface. The composition of the surface is selected based on the characteristics of the road. With its help there are no undesirable changes in the integrity and evenness of the coating. Which in turn allows saving on road repairs.

The Landscapes Are Amazing

The UAE is a land of contrasts: tall skyscrapers in one city and vast deserts in another. While driving a rented sports car, the views passing through the windows will surprise lovers of beautiful nature. After all, it is here that the mountains and sea form landscapes that can only be found in books about fabulous and beautiful countries.

A Way To Stand Out

The UAE is truly a gorgeous country. You can become part of the elite community by driving a stunning Ferrari or Lamborghini. While driving such an incredible car, you will catch many admiring and envious glances from others.

Few things to consider before you rent a sports car in the UAE


The cost of renting a sports car is quite affordable, but still higher than for ordinary city cars. You need to keep this in mind and if you intend to take a ride in a high-speed car, you need to research the offers of rental companies and take these costs into account in your vacation budget.

Traffic Laws

Despite the ideal road surface, you won’t be able to drive mindlessly. A sports car beckons you to press the gas pedal to the floor, but you need to be careful and attentive. In the UAE, on many sections of roads there are speed limits and radars that record violations. Fines for speeding are quite serious, so it is better to drive according to the rules. It’s unlikely that you would like to spend money on paying a fine for a second of pleasure instead of going to a restaurant.


Supercars are famous for their enormous engines, gorgeous looks, and lightning-fast speeds. Although supercars have more powerful engines, they also use more fuel than ordinary automobiles. However, in Dubai, fuel prices are relatively affordable and you can drive a supercar without thinking about petrol or anything else. Without a doubt, many people opt for supercar rental in Dubai to impress girls because it is every girl’s fantasy to take a photo inside a supercar. Furthermore, driving in a luxury car will draw attention to you. So, if you want to really impress someone, you should hire a fast car in Dubai right now. 

Written by Monella

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