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    Why You Shouldn’t Hate November

    November. It gets a lot of flack from most people, and it is often deemed a useless, dreary month. It probably ranks near the bottom on the scale of the most well-liked months, maybe between January and September. The excitement of Halloween comes to an abrupt stop, and it seems like Christmas is ages away. […] More

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    SinfulColors launch new makeup collection with Vanessa Hudgens

    The market in the 21st century is not just highly competitive but also dynamic. Every now and then, consumers find themselves surrounded by new fads and styles. If it’s not for options, interested consumers do get overwhelmed by the cost at which they find themselves adopting a fad. SinfulColors’ New Makeup Collection SinfulColors established itself […] More

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    5 Things ARMY Expect from BTS

    This week, Twitter trends and feed have been filled by BTS’ arrival in the US for AMAs. The promotion of their performance is being done on a massive scale and deservedly so. The boys, who debuted in the year 2013 have struggled to reach the place they are at today. ARMY, who has been with […] More

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    Am I Dying Or Is This Just “Uni Life”?

    Okay, I’ll admit it, the title is a little bit dramatic but hear me out. So, it is currently 13:37 on November 16th 2017 and I’m sat in my uni bedroom, hiding from my law seminar. It’s actually the fifth thing I’ve missed this week, I know, yikes. My attendance is poor, my notebooks are […] More

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    Fuzzable Blogs: November 16 – 39 Things That Make Me Happy

    Welcome back to my monthly blog! I can’t believe that we’re half way through November, and a mere 39 days away from Christmas Day. Whilst I’m incredibly excited for Christmas, I can’t stand this time of year as I always seem to get a bit run down. Over the past few months, I’ve definitely been […] More

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    Fuzzable Blog: 11th November – My Favorite Book

    Do you love reading? Welcome back! Last time, we met in the month of September when I shared my workplace woes. But today, I am here to talk about something that makes me forget all my problems and help me look forward to the day. As evident from the title and the question, I am […] More

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    Dating advice… from someone just started dating

    Dating can be a little bit intimidating. You’re going out with someone who either you’ve just met or have been friends for a long time that you both want to go beyond the friend-zone and see where it goes. You both don’t know what’s going to happen, if it changes everything (both good and bad) […] More

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    Victoria Aveyard Reveals WAR STORM Cover

    Just two months after announcing the title of the final installment of her Red Queen series, Victoria Aveyard has finally released the cover to War Storm in an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly. The cover is accompanied by an interview. And in it, Aveyard dishes about her feelings on finalizing the New York Times’ best-selling series. Here’s a taste of the […] More

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    Artist Spotlight: Ross Harris

    Always on the lookout for fresh talent, we have come across Ross Harris, and we absolutely love him! Over the years, Ross has worked as a studio musician and touring drummer and has worked with names such as Busted, Ella Henderson and Duke Dumont – as well as producing Craig David’s acoustic album last year. […] More

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    Everything You Need to Know Before Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s Release

    We’re five days from the launch of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, so it’s time we have a roundup of pre-release information. Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with whether you’re picking Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, or both! Collect Totem Stickers Trial Captains have hidden Totem Stickers all around the Alola Region. Collect these […] More

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    Influencer 101: Samantha Teasdale

    Here at Fuzzable we love scrolling through our favorite influencers social media feeds and watching their latest video content. So we’ve decided to give you an up to date guide on some of our faves and some of the biggest influencers around at the moment. Who is Samantha Teasdale? Quite simply put Sam Teasdale is girl […] More

  • ColourPop Cosmetics Is Now Available at Sephora

    ColourPop Cosmetics Is Now Available at Sephora

    Siblings Laura and John Nelson, Founders of ColourPop Cosmetics, are now making it possible for their beauty fans to get their brand in a store. And that store is Sephora! Made in California, ColourPop’s mission was to redefine luxury beauty by creating great products at prices that don’t break the bank. So it’s really cool to see Sephora […] More

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    Discover: Dancing in the Kitchen Playlist

    A while ago I wrote an article that included notebook ideas. One of those ideas was creating playlist names and writing down songs that would fit under the name of the playlist. I decided to take a few of those ideas and make them into playlists for Fuzzable. This will be Fuzzable’s discover series. You may find […] More

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    11 Stranger Things Themed Items That Make Perfect Gifts

    Stranger Things is an American sci-fi horror television series for the online streaming service Netflix. Set in the 1980’s, the show surrounds the lives of a group of friends in a small, fictional town named Hawkins. Supernatural events start occurring in the town, as well as the appearance of a strange girl who has psychokinetic abilities. […] More

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    My First Writing Conference Experience

    This past weekend, November 2-4, 2017, marked the seventeenth annual Winter Wheat writing festival held at Bowling Green State University and hosted by Mid-American Review, one of the two literary journals housed at the university. I volunteered at Winter Wheat last November as part of my internship with Mid-American Review, but I would consider this […] More

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    Artist Spotlight: Tom Bleasby

    Our latest artist spotlight goes out to Tom Bleasby, who some of you may actually recognise! Singing a sensational duet with pop superstar Jessie J, appearing on the Ellen Degeneres show and being a contestant for The X-Factor, Tom is no stranger to success. Watch the duet that started it all above! But what’s next […] More

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    Influencer 101: Alex Brownsell

    Here at Fuzzable we love scrolling through our favorite influencers social media feeds and watching their latest video content. So we’ve decided to give you an up to date guide on some of our faves and some of the biggest influencers around at the moment. Who is Alex Brownsell? Alex is the co-founder of Bleach London. […] More

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    Artist Spotlight: Kris Evans

    Being the name on everyone’s tongue recently, we thought we would let you guys know a little bit more about Kris Evans,  so we have put together an artist spotlight with everything you need to know and where you can find him! Kris is an Urban artist from Manchester and has recently released his second […] More

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    Two New Christmas Albums to Become Staples

    Prepare to overhaul your Christmas playlists because two new Christmas albums have come to revolutionize the holiday genre. The first of these albums comes from Lindsey Stirling, the world-touring violinist who found success on YouTube and is currently competing on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Her first Christmas album, Warmer in the Winter, was released […] More

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    Fuzzable Blogs: October 27- The Shape of Me

    I’m lucky to be able to say that I’ve never really had too many negative thoughts about my body. For my entire life, I’ve been satisfied with my appearance, never really leaning towards self-hatred or self-confidence. Likewise, my body has always been in the middle. I’m not super thin, but I’m also not very curvy. I […] More

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    Influencer 101: Camila Coelho

    Here at Fuzzable we love scrolling through our favorite influencers social media feeds and watching their latest video content. So we’ve decided to give you an up to date guide on some of our faves and some of the biggest influencers around at the moment. Who is Camila Coelho? Camila Coelho is a fashion and beauty […] More

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