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    June Set to Refresh Music with THESE Three Albums

    2018 has already been a good year for music, but it’s only going to get better in June, which will see the release of three long-awaited albums – in three consecutive weekends, no less! Nicki Minaj’s Queen is slated for a June 15 release, Bebe Rexha follows up with a June 22 release for Expectations, and […] More

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    Carmi x Revolution – The pallet of our dreams!

    CarmiMUA is one of the most inspiring and creative people in the beauty industry. From breaking the stigma around males in makeup to creating some of the most stunning makeup looks ever, he’s really one incredible guy. Fuzzable crowned Carmi as our ‘Beauty Influencer of the Week‘ in February and now he’s collaborated with Revolution […] More

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    Why The Internet Is Positive For All Us

    Social media is portrayed and often dismissed as the insipid hobby of younger generations Many people talk about negativity launched online and taking obscure views on social networking sites. So this week we wanted to take the opportunity to focus on just some of the most positive uses of the internet. While it may be […] More

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    Fuzzable Blogs: May 21 – Advice About College from a Graduate

    Another month has come and gone, and with it, I finished my undergraduate degree in college. Officially being a college graduate is a bit terrifying. What does the future hold? Will I get a job? All very good questions. But for now, I’m going to offer some tips I’ve learned throughout my college career. Don’t […] More

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    Eloise releases her new single “Suckers”

    Be it Disney or movies belonging to the genre of romance, each work puts forth certain characteristics defining an “ideal man”. As Darcy corrects his pride and prejudice, he becomes the charismatic ideal man every girl would aspire to marry. But is it really the case with everyone? Eloise does not think so. In her […] More

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    Lets Get Vegan! The best of Makeup Brushes.

    Makeup is such a personal part of a lot of our lives. We all have different preferences, from price to shades, high end to low end, matte to shimmer. But one thing that is becoming more and more popular within makeup choices is the choice to go vegan. In a nut shell, vegan products are the […] More

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    Danielle Peazer FINALLY relaunches her website

    The wait is over. Danielle Peazer has FINALLY relaunched her website. The site went live earlier this evening and we’ve spent some time having a nosey around the site and we love it. Danielle has been teasing the relaunched site for literally months. They say good things come to those who wait and Danielle’s new […] More

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    Album Review: IMAGINE by Jules Rendell

    Jules Rendell is back on the music scene with her new album “IMAGINE”. The debut album is a departure from her soul-jazz offering The Lotusbloom EP (2014). The album attempts to glorify the lesson of “carpe deim”, that is, to live in the moment. But instead of asking the listeners to ignore their troubles, the […] More

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    Society6 showcasing talented artists from across the globe

    Society6 is a site that showcases talented artists from across the globe. It’s home to literally hundreds of thousands of artists from all around the world, who put their art on the site and it’s turned in to over 30+ premium designs by the lovely peeps at Society6 and then sold and the artists get […] More

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    Blackbird Studio and VEVA Sound announce a co-venture

    Founded in 2002, VEVA Sound, formerly BMS/Chace, is well known for its many years of media restoration, technical processes, and archival transfer facility services. For last 16 years,  it has worked to define, create, and implement the standards for how sound recordings are preserved and monetized. Through partnerships with The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers […] More

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    Exclusive: Abbey Faith Talks Debut Novel ‘Her Secret Husband’

    Author Abbey Faith is facing the release of her debut novel, Her Secret Husband, soon, and she had a lot of excitement when we caught up with her. The following interview finds Abbey discussing not only the novel itself, but also her entry into the world of publishing. Good afternoon, Abbey! Congratulations on the upcoming […] More

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    Book Review: ‘Red’s Untold Tale’

    Red’s Untold Tale, written by Wendy Toliver and published in 2015, continues the story of Red Riding Hood previously established in the television series Once Upon a Time. Toliver’s novel takes place in the Enchanted Forest before the Evil Queen’s casting of the Dark Curse transports everyone to the Land Without Magic. It moreover takes […] More

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    Vertigo launches “Song Stories”

    For many people, music equals therapy. We come across songs that are so relatable that they define some of the best and worst moments of our lives. If tomorrow, you had to share a video on your life with your best friend, you are most likely to support it with the kind of background music […] More

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    Underrated Musical Alert: ‘If/Then’

    Sporting Idina Menzel as its lead actress, If/Then debuted on Broadway in 2014, with the official soundtrack escalating to number 19 on Billboard’s Top 200. Despite this achievement, the musical hardly received any recognition then or today (which honestly may be in part because of the rise of Hamilton in the same general timeframe). If/Then […] More

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    ‘Quantico’ Changes Formula, Intrigues with Final Season

    After what seemed like an endless hiatus, Quantico returned to television on April 26, 2018, with its third season. Where the first two seasons ran for 22 episodes, the current season will run for 13. The series furthermore changed its format as it entered its new season. The first two juxtaposed the present day scenes […] More

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    Beauty Influencer of the Week – Georgie Aldous

    Here at Fuzzable we can’t go a day without scrolling through Instagram to see looks our favourite influencers have created or going on YouTube to watch they’re thoughts and opinions on new products. We decided to create our ‘Beauty Influencer Of The Week’ to celebrate the talent of our favourite’s. This week we are celebrating […] More

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    Tammi Clarke x Revolution – Tropical Paradise Pallet.

    Tammi Clarke is the beauty babe whose taken YouTube and Instagram by storm. She’s a yummy mummy with her own false lash company, a MUA, the queen of hair pieces, a fighter for makeup equality and also one of Revolutions social media icons. For the past year shes worked along side our favourite brand to […] More

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    Fuzzable Blogs: May 9 – Marvel Movies Happened

    So, April and May so far haven’t been great. Between dropping out of university and being ill for the past two weeks, things aren’t going wonderfully but sometimes that’s life I suppose. But enough of the bad stuff. Something great happened in April and it was in the form of Avengers: Infinity War. Now, as […] More

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    Fuzzable Blogs: May 10th – The Beginning

    Hello, My name is Sofia Esposito and welcome to my personal blog here on Fuzzable Just a few things about me: I love music, travelling, reading, writing and just generally being positive. Music has been a big part of my life and I’m proud to say I sang before I could talk. I would sing […] More

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    HomeToGo Shares The World’s 50 Best Cities for Nightlife

    The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, which means the time to book your dream vacation couldn’t be more perfect than it is right now. If you want to go somewhere faraway without completely splurging, HomeToGo – the world’s largest vacation rental search engine – is the way to go. Since vacations […] More

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    Kylie Cosmetics x Momager.

    Kylie Jenner and her brand of cosmetics have revolutionised makeup bags globally. Her lip-kits were the first of it’s kind, and Kylie’s love of a matte lip has sparked the biggest makeup trend possibly ever. So far Kylie’s multi-million dollar company has collaborated with each of her older half sisters; Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. The latest member […] More

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    Walking for Time or Distance: Which Is the Best Bet?

    Walking is an excellent way of exercising, and it is easy to fit in with your schedule even if you are the busy type who cannot find time to work out. Walking does offer a plethora of benefits to your body. For example, it assists in losing and maintaining weight for the long term, improves […] More

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    Influencer 101: Dan and Phil

    Here at Fuzzable we love to scroll through our social media to discover, new trends, challenges and creators. YouTube has brought us so many wonderful people, those who create makeup tutorials, short films and comedy sketches. Today at Fuzz we are going to highlight one of the most popular and influential YouTube duos around, it’s […] More

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    Demi Lovato releases sunglasses collection with DIFF Eyewear

    Pop superstar Demi Lovato has teamed up with DIFF Eyewear to release her very own range of sunglasses. The collection was designed by Demi herself and is available in four colours: light gunmental purple, rose gold taupe, gunmetal grey blue, and gold brown gradient, and are priced at $85 each. The best part of it […] More

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    Little Mix Partners With COLAB Dry Shampoo

    Little Mix has just announced a new partnership with the award-winning dry shampoo brand COLAB. In a short promotional video posted today, each member of the popular UK girl group shows off a different variety of the dry shampoo, which they say is a “lifesaver” while they’re on tour. The brand was teasing the collaboration […] More

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