‘The Greatest Showman’ Soundtrack RANKED

The Greatest Showman has taken the world by storm the last couple months with its endearing cast, hopeful message, and phenomenal soundtrack. Now that so many people have had the chance to see the film, listen to the soundtrack, and formulate their own opinions on their favorite songs, here is my ranking of the songs from the film’s soundtrack.

1. The Other Side

I don’t know about anyone else, but I just want to dance every time I hear this song. Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron bantering about Zac’s character joining the circus somehow morphs into a song that I can’t stop singing in the shower. It’s its sound and the fact that it never gets old that makes this song my favorite from the soundtrack.

2. Rewrite the Stars

I guess it’s safe to say Zac Efron was one of the highlights of the musical in terms of his voice. Another duet, this song with Zendaya soars (and not just on the trapeze)!

3. A Million Dreams

The song that started it all, “A Million Dreams” gives me hope in a world where things are constantly going awry. The transition from child-P.T. Barnum to adult-P.T. Barnum is also done exceptionally in this track.

4. Tightrope

I was worried during my first viewing of the film that Michelle Williams wouldn’t receive enough screen-time in the film, so I was pleasantly surprised when she had a solo track. I had never heard her sing before and I was blown away.

5. This Is Me

The musical’s flagship song, this track has taken the film all the way to the Grammy’s. I still love this song wholeheartedly, but the ones listed above just edge this one out for me. The message is amazing through and through!

6. Never Enough

Probably the most traditional-sounding song in the film, “Never Enough” is brilliant, emotional, and beautifully performed.

7. The Greatest Show

If I were considering the song’s role as tying together the beginning and end of the film, this song would probably be higher on the list. However, by itself, the others just edge it out.

8. Come Alive

This point in the list is hard because all of the songs in the film are phenomenal. “Come Alive” is another message-driven anthem and we’re all the better for it.

9. From Now On

“From Now On” is another song that you can’t help but sing and dance to. The rest of the songs just make me want to do this more than this one.

10. A Million Dreams (Reprise)

One of the two reprises in the film, “A Million Dreams (Reprise)” is emotional because P.T. Barnum’s daughters sing he and his wife’s duet.

11. Never Enough (Reprise)

This song holds the final place in the list simply because the original “Never Enough” is so beautiful and the reprise is mostly for story purposes in the film rather than acting as an independent song.

Which song from The Greatest Showman is your favorite? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your love for The Greatest Showman, its music, and its cast!

Written by Preston Smith

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