Book Review: Enola Holmes-The Case of the Missing Marquess

Growing up as a girl isn’t easy. Even if you made it to womanhood it doesn’t get any easier.

This understanding hits Enola on the morning of her 16th birthday. She wakes up and is ready to celebrate her birthday with her mother. Although Enola receives birthday presents, her mother is not there. She disappeared in the middle of the night! So, what can her daughter do but wait, right?

Absolutely not!

Enola – backward spelled Alone – Holmes isn’t like any other girl her age. She grew up with her mother being homeschooled in Ferndell Hall and she studied every possible book in their library.
Besides the fact she’s got a very modern kind of mindset for a teenage girl turning 16 years old in the year 1888, she’s also the youngest sibling and only sister of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes.

Being the sister of the infamous detective everyone seems to know, a fight for acceptance begins, which Enola is determined to win. But as her mother disappeared, she’s now in the need of her brothers’ help. Instead, Mycroft is willing from the get-go, to place this tomboy of a sister in one of the best girl boarding schools in England to be sure, she’s been turned into the kind of woman every nobleman in England would want to marry. One which knows how to sew, knit, and knows how to balance a book on her head while walking in a circle.

But Enola has other plans on her mind and she’s up and ready to follow them! With the very well hidden clues her mother left for her, she finds the money she needs to head to London. Her plan is, well…not to have one, because she knows, the moment she’ll set to a strategy Sherlock will come up with the same ideas and find her any minute. It starts pretty well until she crosses paths with a certain Lord Tewksbury, Marquess of Basilwether.

Nancy Springer’s 1st Enola Holmes novel Enola Holmes-The Case of the Missing Marquess is absolutely charming! It’s a fun, quick read, which you won’t put down until you made it to the last page and there are five more books to pick up!

As a bonus, the 1st novel was turned into a Netflix movie which was released on the 23rd of September 2020, starring Millie Bobby Brown, whom we know best from her role in Stranger Things. Even the movie, in which Enola breaks the 4th wall again and again to make a few comments towards the audience, is very close to the book. It shows what might be coming in another movie and what sort of information we already can collect from the published books to get ready for Enola’s next adventure.

Have you read about Enola Holmes before you watched the movie? Which book series made its way onto your shelf as soon as you found out there’s a movie coming up?

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