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Introducing beam: The App Bringing Social Good to Every Retail Visit

It seems that with each passing day, we only hear more news of tragic events happening across the globe. Seeing these negative headlines being spread isn’t easy, and it makes us wish we could do something to change that. beam, an app which just launched today, makes it easy for people to get involved in making the world a better place with just a quick visit to their favorite retailer.

What is beam?

beam is the first social impact app to turn everyday retail experiences into opportunities for social good. Its mission is to elevate social consciousness by empowering its users to engage more deeply with the issues that are important to them. To do this, the app uses industry-leading proximity technology to let users automatically donate corporate dollars to causes of their choice with each visit of their favorite retailer. The process makes it possible for users to give back without ever tapping into their own savings.

Who is behind it?

beam is co-founded and devloped by CEO Viveka Hulyalkar, a former McKinsey & Company consultant, and CTO Alexandra Salvatore, previously an iOS developer at Tinder

How does it work?

  • Open the app and discover retailers nearby that are supporting causes that matter to you.
    • A pilot partner of Foursquare’s Pilgrim SDK, beam lets users know when participating retailers are nearby by sending a notification.
  • Pick a high-impact nonprofit, and the partner donates money for you.
    • Users can select from four retailer-supported nonprofits and learn about the organizations.
    • The retailer will then make a small donation (5-25¢) to the selected cause on the user’s behalf.
  • Continue to make a change every time you come back.
    • The app has an “impact” screen to help users keep track of how much they have donated, as well as where that money could go. (Ex: funding a book for a girl in Ethiopia)

In rolling out Foursquare’s Pilgrim SDK, we were looking for pilot partners that would help to demonstrate the positive implications and impact of this next generation location technology. beam was a natural choice tying social good into location-based retail experiences. We’re thrilled to help support beam’s mission via this industry-leading technology. – Jeff Reine, Head of Platform Partnerships at Foursquare

Who are some of beam’s partners?

Popular brands that are supporting beam include Think Coffee, Dig Inn, Pinkberry, and Inday, who would all like to see millennials get involved.

What are some charities that beam supports?

Supported charities include Days for Girls, Hudson Guild, Chef’s Collaborative, Family Farm Disaster Fund (supporting farmers displaced by Hurricane Harvey), and International Rescue Committee (providing resources for refugees).

Where can I download beam?

Beam is now available to download in the App Store.

For more information, visit

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Written by Michele

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