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BTS World Update Has BTS Visiting The “Magic Shop”

It’s hard to believe, but it’s nearly been a year since BTS launched their BTS World mobile app in June 2019. The game’s storyline focuses on BTS’ debut, where users act as the group’s manager helping them rise to fame. Apart from the main storyline, the app also has an “Another Story” feature, which imagines the members’ lives if they didn’t join BTS.

Ever since the app’s launch, Netmarble has added small updates to the game every few weeks to cater to special holidays, anniversaries, or events, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, BTS’ birthdays, and more. The updates have kept fans on their toes, wondering what the next one will bring. While they have certainly been interesting, Netmarble hasn’t provided an update quite like the one they just revealed on March 30.

The latest improvement continues the members’ individual “Another Story” narratives. In Season 1, the members lived separate lives from one another, but in Season 2, fans will finally see RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook meeting at a place called the “Magic Shop.” To coincide with the new season, players will also have access to an all-new “Magic Shop” store. “Magic Shop” references BTS’ song of the same name featured on their Love Yourself: Tear album.

Other updates to the BTS World app fans will see are material upgrades for the “Magic Shop” store, an extended max level for BTS member cards and new card images by Tier 2 Upgrade, and an all-new 5-star card draw event. There will also be other March-exclusive events that will reward users with various in-game items, currencies, and buffs. Those events include a March check-in, bonus time, and a March item draw that will occur every four hours.

Fans can find out more about the March update by visiting BTS World’s official website, as well as by watching the promotional video below.

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