Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Fans Are Still Obsessed!

The Kardashian family have proven time and time again that they are smart entrepreneurs. From lipkits, to lingerie lines, to apps, the Kardashian women have tackled just about everything in the business. Of course, fans eagerly await for new projects, but there’s one that has remained the most successful of them all, and that is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood released over three years ago in June of 2014 to both iOS and Android users. On the app, users have the ability to create their own customized character and help them achieve fame. Users can feel what it’s like to be a celebrity by attending red carpet events and photo shoots, as well as meeting the Kardashian sisters themselves. Not only that, but users can also date other celebrities, buy luxurious homes, travel to cities across the world, and even invite real-life friends to join them on their road to fame.

Just two years after the game was released, it had been downloaded over 45 million times, generating a revenue of $160 million. Since the game was so successful, Kim Kardashian was awarded the honor of appearing on cover of Forbes magazine.

Now, three years after the game first released, people are STILL obsessed with the game. Despite that it was released years ago, the app is different than when it first released. For example, users can now visit more cities, meet more celebs, and even marry them! With all these updates, it is no wonder the game is still entertaining its users even now.

To celebrate the game’s success, we rounded up some of the best tweets from fans of the app!

Want to download the app?

iOS users can download it on the App Store, while Android users can find it in the Google Play Store. Just search “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” find the logo pictured on the left, press download, and instantly start your journey to fame today!

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