Lush’s Halloween goodies 2021 we’d love to see all year around!

Lush lovers!
Some of you might be waiting impatiently for Christmas to hit.
For some of you – like this one over here – the Halloween season at Lush feels like Christmas just as much!

Since Halloween season ends always way too quickly, we should try to hold onto it a little longer, just for fun.
How to do it? Well, let’s start with getting our hands onto the last few pieces of Lush’s Halloween range 2021.

We fell in love with all the items, however there are a few, we would love to see all year around. So we listed some of the new Halloween goodies, which would be a very special treat whichever season is about to hit.

Screamo bubble bar (each £7.95)

The Screamo bubble bar doesn’t only look like the infamous Scream mask we know from the 90’s movie hit, it is also producing purple bubbles through the masks’ mouth!
It is filled with cream of tartar, Cornstarch, Ylang Ylang, and Almond Essential Oil and also smells like cherries!
The creamy texture is reusable for 3 to 4 relaxing hot bathtubs full of sweet bubbles.

Alien bubble bar (each £4.95)

The Alien bubble bar is as fruity and fresh as Screamo is sweet.
This alien face is filled with cream of tartar, cornstarch, and bergamot oil.
It’s all neon and it will help you to restore your energy in the middle of all the refreshing bubbles you’ll dive into.
The Alien bubble bar is pressed into shape very firmly, so you might struggle to break off a piece or to.
How to use it instead: Hold the bubble bar under the running water until the bathtub is filled with as many bubbles as you like.
Place the bubble bar somewhere dry so it has some time to desiccate so it will be ready to be used again up to 3 times.


YES, the Lord Of Misrule shower gel is back. As much as we love this already beloved ‚classic‘ of all the Halloween shower gels, this year’s shower jelly might be the highlight of the whole collection!

Lush lovers, we know: We love a shower jelly! And Halloween 2021 is giving us another amazing favourite!

The Monster Octopus (each £7.50)

This shower jelly is filled with fresh passion fruit infusion, vanilla and blackcurrant absolute and sweet wild orange oil.

In case you never tried a shower jelly before here’s a quick demo of how to use them:

Which one of the new Halloween items would be your perfect one to stick all year around?
Head over to Twitter and let us know, which Halloween item is a must-have for you!

Written by Vanessa

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