Lush Halloween & Christmas products you need to treat yourself with this autumn/winter!

There is no denying that autumn and winter are two of our most favourite seasons! We love all of the festive holidays and fun traditions that take place during this time of year – especially when our fave cosmetics brand Lush brings out all of their extra special products!

So with Halloween now just ONE day away, and Christmas on the horizon, we’ve put together our pick of our most favourite pieces from Lush’s special edition collections!

Bat Art Bath Bomb £4.50

Fill up your tub with hot water and watch what happens as you add one of these spooky bath bombs  into the mix!

This black, sparkly black bat is going to spread its wings and turn your bath water dark purple! Filled with a boost of revitalising Rosemary, Green Mandarin, Sage, and Sicilian lemon oil, we can’t wait to try this one in our bath tonight!

Bewitched – Bubble Bath £5.50

This Halloween bubble bath is maybe our favourite product this season!

The now iconic Lush Black Cat returns every year earl – it’s mix of rich Bergamot oil, Olibanum Oil, and Cornstarch, guaranteed to help you lay back and relax in a nice warm bubble bath!

Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire Shower Gel £14

Although traditionally a Christmas product, the feeling and smell of this amazing shower gel fits perfectly in autumn too!

One shower using this gel and you’ll be transported to a cozy fireplace, where roasted, hot chestnuts are waiting for you as a treat after a stressful day. The sweet, soothing mixture of almond essential oil, oat milk, and chestnut puree will work their magic to make it happen.

Once Upon A Time Body Lotion £10

The Once Upon A Time Body Lotion is another of Lush’s annual Christmas products which we love!

The mix of apple infusion, organic jojoba and grapefruit oil, with rich, murumuru butter, is perfect to treat your body after a bath or a shower to rehydrate your skin.

Which of these magical Lush products are you most looking forward to using this year? Let us know over on Twitter @Fuzzable now!


Written by Vanessa

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