Tiesta Tea proves that sustainability doesn’t compromise flavor

Tea brand Tiesta Tea devotes itself to both flavor and sustainability with its tea products, which include black, green, and herbal varieties, and they prove time and time again that flavor never needs to be compromised in favor of sustainability.

As the world pushes for sustainable options in every facet of daily life, Tiesta Tea has stepped up to bat. All of their tea products are loose leaf, meaning they’re not creating needless waste in the form of tea bags. Instead, their loose leaf teas are easily breakable and only include ingredients that can be pronounced and are found in nature.

With flavor at the forefront of their mission, Tiesta Tea’s products include a Strawberry Lemonade Herbal Tea, a Tropical Citrus Fruit Tea, a Blueberry Pineapple Green Tea, and a Floral Earl Grey Black Tea, among many others. Accompanying these teas is their line of mocktail teas, which specifically showcase their commitment to developing rich flavors in their drinks. This line includes such teas as their Blackberry Bellini and Pineapple Sangria blends, which emulate their namesake alcoholic beverages. They don’t contain alcohol and are instead healthy for you as they contain natural ingredients and deep flavors.

“Many of our most popular flavors are bursting with fruits, herbs and spices that are familiar to people of any age or demographic. Tea is the most popular beverage in the world after water but in the United States, coffee has always been more popular,” explained CEO and co-founder Dan Klein. “We believe the key to bringing tea popularity in the US up to the level of coffee requires flavors that people can easily understand like Blueberry or Mango.”

Klein further explained that Tiesta Tea completes their tea development in Germany, as this country is the globe’s current hotspot for teas and fruits. “Tiesta Tea focuses on transparency with the front of their package clearly showing all their ingredients. For the best loose leaf tea experience possible, we source 150 ingredients from over 40 countries. We consider ourselves to be like the Ben & Jerry’s of tea by the way we focus on full-size ingredients and excellent flavor,” explains Rachel Heinzinger, Tiesta’s marketing manager.

What Tiesta ultimately accomplishes is a declaration of love for tea that can be felt with each sip of their products. Their mocktail teas are simply the latest in this endeavor, but their overall mission gives back to consumers and the planet alike.

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Written by Preston Smith

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