Lush - Easter

5 gems for Valentine’s Day and Easter we’d love to see available all year round!

Over the last few months Lush had given us some of the loveliest special editions there might be.
It’s up to your liking which one you like best. However the special edition we’d been given for Valentine’s Day and – most recently – Easter was especially lovely.
So we don’t want to miss the chance to show you some of the pieces of both collections we’d love to see available all year round in the shops and online.

Add to that: Every limited edition collection is filled with amazing products; below we only choose five of those gems to show you. All of the named Lush products are vegan.

Bath Bombs and bubble bars

Love Bug (each £5)
This cute love bug is ready to give us all the flower power vibes!
Place it in hot water and you’ll see a bright rainbow bloom in your bathtub.
As colorful as this bath bomb is, just as refreshing and perfect for a relaxing bath it is!
Filled with Sicilian Lemon Oil, Organic Sweet Orange Oil, and Rose Water it does the flower power era justice!

Lush - Love Bug

Flamingo Egg (each £5)
The return of the Flamingo Egg bath bomb is rather special.
Some of you, like this one here, awaited this return for some years now.
Just like the Sleepy body lotion, which also started as a limited edition product, the Flamingo Egg is one of the most beloved bath bombs out there and should be an all-year-round product already for years.
The mix of hot pink, baby blue, the smell of cotton candy based on Sicilian lemon oil, coarse sea salt, and plastic-free glitter to literally melt into and relax should be reason enough to make it a permanent product.Lush - Flamingo Egg

The Easter Bunny bubble bar (each £6)
This easter bunny is something else. It’s gold, it’s glitter, it’s filled with cream of tartar, cornstarch, Juniperberry, and Lime Oil… and once you saw the movie Pets, you will immediately and forever have to think of the one – the only – CAPTAIN SNOWBALL!!
It’s not only going to help your mind to calm down and your body to refresh and relax… it’s also going to make you smile, for sure.

Lush - The Easter Bunny

Shower Gel

Temptation (each £7 / 100g)
Refreshing, flowery with a touch of Cinnamon! This is Temptation.
First- and foremost: If you like the smell of Cinnamon – Your favorite Bubble bar might be the Cinnamon Roll – THIS is the shower gel go-to for you!
Based on cinnamon leaf oil, organic apple juice, red rose petals, Ginseng Infusion and Orange Flower Absolute are a part of this experience made for you.
As much as we all love to take a shower to relax from time to time, yes, to take a shower with Temptation is going to be just as an uplifting experience for you too.

Lush - Temptation

Shower Jelly

Strawberry Heart (each £7)
Lush lovers: A Shower Jelly is always a highlight and THIS might be one of the most amazing pieces of all Valentine’s Day treats from Lush’s 2022 collection! It’s red, it’s filled with fresh strawberry juice, lemon and lime oil, and all of that in the shape of an anatomically correct heart!
Due to that: One of the gems we really, really would love to see all year round to buy.

This very wild and colorful mix of Lush products is only five of two special edition collections your Fuzz- team loves very much and would love to see permanently at the shops and to order online.

Lush - Strawberry Heart Jelly

Which are the limited edition products made by Lush that would make it onto your wishlist to be all year round? Get in touch with Fuzzable and share your favorites with us.

Written by Vanessa

I love writing, music, especially concerts and books!
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