Why this Father’s day was outta this world for Mike Reynold?

It’s been a struggle this fathers day to find the perfect gift for our Dad’s. From socks to gift sets, it’s hard to find a way to show your dad how special he is, let alone something that is original and personal. This Fathers Day, Mike Reynolds (EveryDayGirlsDad) two daughters shocked him with possibly the coolest and most personal gift around. Leah and Charlotte contacted Electric Ink, and here’s what Electric Ink had to say.

Rewind a week ago and the Electric Ink team received the most amazing hand-written letter from Leah (aged 8) and Charlotte (aged 6) from Ontario, Canada.
We take all letters seriously here at Electric Ink HQ but this one deserved some special attention…
Creative sisters Leah and Charlotte wanted to give their Dad (Mike) a very special gift that he would always remember! 
What was their request? For Dad to get an “awesome A-M-A-Z-I-N-G” tattoo that would be conceptualised and designed by one of the daughters. Genius idea we thought!
To encourage some healthy sibling rivalry, we decided to let the Electric Ink community vote between two wonderfully detailed drawings, the choice is between Wonderwoman and Starwars R2-D2.
So in true Electric Ink spirit we decided to fund the tattoo and make it a reality (with Mike’s permission of course!) 
Originally, this was just a matter of voting. The sister with the most votes through social media would have their art-work on their father forever, but just like picking a favourite child (You can’t), a favourite tattoo wasn’t selected. In fact yesterday Mike uploaded these amazing Instagram pieces.
Our hearts couldn’t of melted any further, Electric Ink Skincare made it possible for both of Mike’s adorable little girls to have their artwork on their dad for fathers day. And whats more, Electric Ink Skincare is not only able to of made this happen for Mike, but they also have the coolest skin care range for tattoos. From a daily moisturiser which helps heal and protevct fresh tattoo’s, right up to a daily body wash that doesn’t just exfoliate skin, it also rejuvinates old tattoo’s. Meaning our old tattoo’s can look as fresh as Mike’s.
Charlotte and Leah’s tattoo idea’s inspired us, so over the weekend I asked my 4 year old niece to give me a tattoo (I handed her a liquid liner, and kept still) and here’s my own results.
This is my nieces take on copying the Chinese writing I have on my other arm. I doubt I’m going to commit to this permanently.
We’d love to see what the little people in your life would create for you as a tattoo. Grab a child, pass them an eye liner and we’d love to see the art work they come up with. Share these with us on our Twitter and Instagram and we will share our favourites soon.  And if you find yourself needing to give your tattoo’s some TLC – Look Fantastic currently have 20% off Electric Ink Skin Care.

Written by Niki

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