Lush has some new treats for Spring

Spring is coming and we are already letting the season roll into our daily beauty routine,  thanks to Lush.

Here we have a sneak peek at their new spring line, and once again – Lush have not disappointed us.


To accompany you to shower is the beloved trio of almond – fair trade almond oil, almond milk and almond essential oil – mixed with sandalwood, sweet benzoin and marzipan, ready to moisturise and soften your skin all day long.

Almond Blossoms Shower Gel (each 120g/£7)


Naked Shower Gel (each £11)

For lovers of roses, this one is a very special treat. Introduced to us as a Mother’s day special, the Rose Butterfly Bath Bomb has returned to the shelves and it will stay all year round! The floral smell combined in a mixture of shimmery pink and blue will help unfold Spring for all its beauty and wonder.

To add a little extra to your bath, the Rose Jam bubble roon is the perfect choice for the ultimate rose-packed relaxing bath.

Rose Butterfly Bath Bomb (each £4.95)

This fizzy bath bomb returned after we got to know it as another limited edition for Mother’s day in 2019. Mixed with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, lavender, almond oil and chrysanthemum the bath bomb aims are to moisturise and soften your skin, getting you ready for good night sleep.

Floating Flower Bath Bomb (each £6.95)


There isn’t much to tell you about the Na Na naked shower gel. It will calm and hydrate your skin while embracing with the smell of fresh bananas.

Na Na naked Shower Gel (120g/£6)

Self-care with body lotion is the best after-shower ritual. Pansy by Lush is filled with rosemary oil to relax your muscles and mind and extra virgin olive oil to protect your skin. With this new ‘All Year Around’ edition, you can choose if you’d like the normal pod or the naked form. P.S: It is perfect for lovers of the Olive Branch shower gel.

Pansy Body Lotion (each £16)

Naked Body Lotion (each £12)

Lovers of the Rose Jam bubble roon, the shower gel and the Rose butterfly bath bomb find the final treat of their self-made spa day in the Ro’s Argon naked body conditioner.

You can use it while you’re still in the shower, so when your skin dries off, it will already be smooth and soft and smell like cypress, vanilla pod infusion, shea butter and argan oil. Everything that makes Ro’s Argan so beloved!

Ro’s Argon Naked Body Conditioner (each £13.50)

Filled with murumuru butter, jojoba oil, menthol crystals and peppermint oil, this shower body conditioner by Lush is going to make you tingle.

The menthol crystals will get your blood circulation going and will relax your muscles. Your skin will be hydrated and you’ll be ready for the day, as soon as you step out of the shower.

Tingle Shower Body Conditioner (each £20)

Tingle Naked Body Lotion (each £15)

– Could we be any more excited to step up our safe care game?


Which one of the new additions to the AYR Lush range is your favourite? Head over to Twitter and let us know.

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