We talk SK-IN with Sophie Kasaei

Sophie Kasaei is the reality star whose journey we’ve been addicted to watching.  She’s not only brought laughter and happiness to us all, she’s now brought a product out that is shaking up skin care. 
SK-IN Collagen Boost shots are a ‘new delicious, daily collagen shot, the first amazing product of many! Light, refreshing and tasty, it helps you revitalise and rejuvenate your entire body, from the inside out.’
We have an exclusive chat with gorgeous Geordie all about her exciting launch of SK-IN Collagen Boost Shots.

Q1) You’ve launched your SK-IN shots, can you tell us how this concept came about?

Health and beauty is always something I’ve been interested in , especially now that I’ve got a bit older, my body is changing and things aren’t the same as they used to be. Skin care is a big part of my life but I’m always looking for that quick fix. I had seen the kardashians talk about collagen drinks on a few of the episodes so I wanted to look into it more. When I did my research I couldn’t believe how many amazing benefits collagen has! So from that there was a phone call to my agent and…..

Q2) How hands on have you been with the process?

I think to bring something out that has your name attached to it is a very big thing. Your representing a brand that is yours so I wanted to be a massive part of the product from start to finish. Which meant flying over to visit labs, testing flavours, viewing the product, designing labels. All of this I did and feel very proud of it.

Q3) Sk-in Collagen Boost is obviously a supplement which can be taken quickly and easily – was that important to you to have something ‘on the go’?

I think In this world we live in, our lifestyles are extremely hectic, nothing is simple anymore and we don’t have as many hours in the day. This is why we always need a quick fix , whether it’s grabbing a snack on your way to work, using contactless card payments , getting the faster train … our lives are all now fast paced. So to bring a product out that can fit into your daily routine very easily with all the heath benefits just sounded perfect to me.

Q4) How do you feel the shots have helped you on the inside and out?

One shot is all I take a day, Since this my skin has improved , my overall health has got better, my energy , I suffered with hair loss quite a lot , I talked about this publicly a few Times, since the shots I have seen growth which I’m so happy about!

Q5) Which types of people would you say could benefit from your product?

Everybody! Men, women, it’s for all people. We are all in need of wanting to feel and look great, so to only have a shot of collagen a day is the easiest and most simplest way to get that glow and energy and spark back again!

Q6) This is just the start of your brand, can you reveal any sneaky hints on what is coming next?

Of course!!! This is just the beginning. I can’t wait for summer as this is when I’m going to be releasing something  Iv wanted to do for a long time- think JLO- think glitter, think GLOW! I want this empire to grow and be able to help all people feel better about themselves. In the new year another line is coming out which I’m currently designing… can’t say too much more right now but watch this space!!  Throughout this journey I’m also going to be asking the public what they lack in and what else they would want to help them and from this I can get back into the lab and see what me and the scientists can put together! I want to take over!

Q7) Throughout your time in the public eye you’ve always looked incredible, so apart from SK-IN collagen boost shots, do you have any other beauty secrets you can let us into?

Along side collagen shots the easiest , cheapest and most effective beauty secret would be. 2 litres of water a day and 8 hours sleep! It’s my secret to everything ! You can’t beat it!


Written by Niki

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