How to give our dads the best Father’s Day in lockdown!

Father’s day this year will be unlike previous father’s days. People are on lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore, the celebrations will most likely be done at home. You might be asking, how might we celebrate father’s day without going outside? Don’t worry! Fuzzable is here to help you. We have compiled ideas you can check out to make you father’s special day memorable even during lockdown! Read on!

Cook your dad’s favorite meal

Hamburgers, pasta, or whatever food that might be, you can surprise your father with his favorite! There’s no need for you to order food online; your father will surely appreciate your own version of his favorite meal. You can find recipes online, and you can ask your friends how to cook these meals. If you don’t want it to be a surprise, you can cook with him as well! You can learn cooking techniques from your father and bond with him at the same time! It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Watch Netflix or movies together

Are your Netflix accounts or downloaded movies ready? Now is the perfect time to watch these delights! Surprise your father with a Netflix or movie marathon at home. Set up a home movie theater in front of your television with piled-up pillows and blankets. You can also prepare popcorn and soft drinks to match the movie theater vibes. Pick movies or TV series that your father will surely love, or you can also watch his old favorites. This is also a perfect activity that your whole family can all enjoy. 

Organize a group video call party with other family members

Even though we have to stay at home, we still can make plans with the whole clan. Living in a digital age is really advantageous for us in this activity, so we better make the most out of it. Surprise your father by organizing a group video call party with other members of your family. This is a great surprise, especially if your father is a family-oriented guy. There are lots of online platforms you can use to set up a group video call, such as Zoom and Google Meet.

Try playing games like charades and trivia night to make the video call party more fun. Have a virtual dinner with all family members eating together so it’ll feel like a family reunion. You can also do something as mundane as catching up with your other family members during the group video call party. Think of other activities you and your family can do through group video calls. 

Make a playlist

When in doubt of what you want to give for your father during his special day, keep in mind that music is the best way to the soul. Create a heartwarming playlist for your father on Spotify or on other music platforms! Whether it’s songs that remind you of your dad or his favorite tracks, he’ll surely enjoy the playlist you’ll make specifically for him. Ask for the opinions of your other family members and his friends on what songs to put on the playlist. You can also try dancing with your father after showing him the playlist too! It will definitely put a smile on his face and yours.

What’s more?

You can even compose your own father’s day song for your amazing dad.

Create a photo album

Do you remember your favorite moments with your dad? Surely you have photos of most of them, whether it be on your phone or on a camera. Here’s an opportunity for you to collect photos with your dad, print it, design a photo album where you can place these photos! Unleash your creativity and compile these photos and reminisce memories with your dad from your childhood up to the present times. You can also put photos from his childhood up to the day you were born, or photos you to had during the lockdown period. Laugh about these favorite moments and share a story or two about these memories.

Make the most out of your father’s day celebration with your dad and family during this lockdown! You can definitely share with us how your father’s special day went by tweeting us @Fuzzable.

Written by Euni

Hey all! I am Euni, a '97 liner from the Philippines. I love writing, reading, listening to music, and watching TV series! You can talk to me about BTS, Halsey, Of Monsters and Men, and activism any day! ;)

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