Beauty Hack Bible

Makeup and skincare can involve some serious time and effort. From getting even eyeliner wings, to finding a way to get your makeup to not fade on a long day, it takes serious brain power! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite tips and tricks we’ve either discovered by making a ton of mistakes, or picked up from friends, family or our favourite beauty influencers.

  • Primer makes everything easier, your makeup will last longer and uneven surfaces will be smoother. If you don’t have  a primer to hand any moisturiser with Glycerine will work just the same.
  • Always give your primer and moisturiser time to sink into your face. We’ve made this mistake too many times and ended up with foundation that slips and slides
  • If you accidentally get a foundation that is a shade or two darker then your skin tone, add a drop or two of moisturiser when applying. This may effect the covarage slighly but your problem will be solved.
  • POUNCE NOT SWIPE. Swiping is for tinder, not blending your foundation with a sponge. Lightly pounce the foundation into your skin for airbrushed skin and even coverage
  • The best tool to pat concealer into your skin is your own fingers. It warms the product, blends it perfectly and involes no brush cleaning after
  • If you dont have a brow gel, clear mascara works just as well to hold those hairs in place all day
  • Eyeshadow primer is great, but if you dont have one, concealer works just as well. Just make sure you set it with a translucent powder or a skin coloured eye shadow.
  • Shimmer or metalic eyeshadows work best when your brushs is wet. Setting spray or priming water on your brush will really make the pigment in your shadow pop!
  • Use your highlighter or a skin toned shimmer eyeshadow as an inner corner eyeshadow highlight and brow bone highlight. This will make everything stand out alot more.
  • Winged liner is simply one of the hardest arts to master. But adding tape to your outer corner at the angle you want your wing gives you the perfect stencil.
  • If your mascara is drying up a little shove it down your bra or under your armpit. As silly as it sounds your body heat warms it up perfectly and restores it to its former glory.
  • Adding white or nude eyeliner in your waterline will make your eyes appear alot bigger.
  • If your out of blush, dab a bit of a nude or pink lipstick on the apples of your cheeks, and then blend. Lipstick makes the perfect cream blush.
  • If you need an extra pop to your highlight, try a tiny bit of lip balm first. Blend the lip balm lightly over where you need to add highlight before adding your favourite powder highlight. This tips guarenteed to take you from a subtle glow to almost being able to see your cheek bones in outta space.
  • In extreme emergencies only, if your out of setting powder, using talcum podwer instead works wonders. Be warned that doing this too frequently can lead your skin to become drier then a dessert.
  • Heat your eyelash curlers up slightly by blowing them with your hair drier. Your lashes will stay curled all day.
  • Haven’t got thick and full lips? Fake it. Over lining your lips slightly can up your pout game.
  • Putting highlighter just above your cupids bow can also help your lips look alot fuller.
  • If you need your lipstick to last longer, once applied put a sheet of tissue over your lips and dust some loose powder over the top.
  • If you are all out of setting spray, hair spray works as a brilliant temporary subsitute. (Warning, doing this for more then 2 days in a row will clog your pores and could break you out)
  • If you didnt get enough sleep the night before, brightening your under eyes with a concealer one shade lighter then your foundation will fake that your awake. Just apply in a triangle under each eye, blend and set, no one will ever know you had a Netflix binge last night.

Our last tip, is the most important. Makeup is all about experimenting. Practise makes perfect, and never ever be afraid to try new coulors or styles.

If you can think of any other tips to add to our beauty bible, tweet us @fuzzable. We’re always keen on learning new ways to make our makeup easier and getting our brows on fleek.

Written by Niki

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