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Fuzzable Blogs: January 24 – The untold story of twelve lives.

It feels weird to be writing again. Hi.

It’s been a few months since I wrote a Fuzzable blog, and I probably wouldn’t have even been here now if I didn’t strictly forbid myself to miss this months’ blog. The last blog I published was back in August, and it was about my trip to Istanbul. Since then, a lot has happened.

The period of September and October really took a toll on me and my mental health. Let’s just say that university wasn’t a lot of fun during that time, since we were having our final exams. The exams that meant the make or break point. For me, it was a make point but it took a lot of breaking to get there. I finished all of my exams, got some major luck on my side, and enrolled into the second year. But during that process, I really learned a lot about myself and my breaking points.

November and December seemed to drag on forever, but thinking back at it now I don’t even remember what happened during those months. Somewhere at the beginning of November I found a litter of twelve puppies, and that’s where my focus was. I went to the puppies every day to feed them and try to socialise them, in hopes that I’ll be able to find them a home when they got a bit stronger. I can’t tell you the location of the puppies, mainly because I may get arrested for trespassing (maybe even breaking in and entering) if the information got out. I had some wonderful ladies provide the food, and all I had to do was to get it to them. That sounds way simpler than it actually was. It took hours out of my day just to care for these twelve lives.

However, just as things were improving and the puppies were getting better and better, things took a turn for the worst. Apparently, someone decided that the innocent twelve lives took too much space in this world…

I don’t even want to write about this. I’ve always believed in humanity until that point. All I’m going to say is that the twelve puppies aren’t with us right now. But at least I know that they’re going to a better place than the man who decided to end their lives.

Now, four months later, I still think about them fairly often and it makes me so angry and so sad that these lives were an inconvenience to someone. Ever since the incident, humanity has been on thin ice in my eyes. Of course, I do still believe that good people exist, but I think that the majority of the human race isn’t as decent as I once thought.

All of this seems so superficial and what I told you doesn’t even cover half of the story. I tried, but I can’t bring myself to tell it in full detail. One day I hope I’ll share the full story about the puppies with you, but right now I feel like I’ll completely break apart if I start going into details.

I’m aware that my blogs are usually very long, but I just don’t know what else to say. I feel like everything else I write will be irrelevant and forced, so I’ll end this right here.

Written by Azra

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