Vegan is IN!

Lately, the media has been awash with everything vegan. The craze has sparked articles from Glamour, Cosmopolitan & Vogue, and the number of celebrities starting the trend is on the rise. Want to know what celebs have taken it up? Find out here

Vogue has written several articles about it, making it quite the hot topic. So many celebs are jumping on the bandwagon and swear by the lifestyle for feeling and looking their best. Jennifer Lopez gives credit to veganism for her enviable body & still looking smoking hot in her 40s.

Kylie Jenner & Dorothy Wang recently posted on Snapchat about going vegan & snapped their healthy food. Kylie loves animals and has her own cosmetics line so it doesn’t seem surprising that she would want to try it.

image: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat


Since Netflix released ‘Okja’ the world seems to be ditching meat for a plant based diet & cruelty-free cosmetics.

Okja became a big talking point on social media as people looked at Okja how we do our pets, like family members. People wouldn’t want to eat or test on pets so that got them feeling all the feels. Many celebrities even took to Twitter about the fictional pig.

Vogue shows that veganism isn’t just for hippies and has come a long way since the term vegan was coined in the 40s >> What Vogue thinks about veganism


Kat Von D


The beauty industry is also changing since entrepreneur, vegan & animal activist Kat Von D launched her vegan cosmetic line. Read her Cosmo interview here

After so much success with her cosmetics, she is also now launching a vegan shoe line. She posts regular sneak peeks of upcoming products/designs on social media.


Kat is a well-known Vegan and animal activist. She puts these passions into her products and raises money to help many charitable organizations and does whatever she can to help causes close to her heart. I think people and her fans really respond to that and she has certainly brought a lot of awareness and really encouraged people to ditch meat and using animal by products.

Read Kat’s interview with Mercy For Animals on Veganism here



 Affordable Vegan Beauty


Superdrug has even created their own line of affordable vegan products called B. including skin care for men/women & cosmetics. A lot of their own brand products have the leaping bunny logo on them which is a great step forward.



Many other brands like GOSH are following suit & making proud announcements of having vegan products. Brands are seeing the benefits of vegan products meaning It’s easier than ever to buy cruelty-free products.


Want to discover some more amazing cruelty-free brands? See Vogue’s recommendations here


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