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Review: Organic Face Masks from Belle Bar

Belle Bar Organic is a family-owned skincare and hair care brand that serves beauty junkies with an all-organic, all-natural collection of face and hair masks that actually work. Yes, you read that right, their products are proclaimed by users to be effective and true to its description.

To see if the brand’s claim-to-fame tagline is indeed a fact, we put their face masks to the test!

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What it is: Bollywood” Face Mask, a charcoal deep detox mask ideal for the irritated and acne-prone skin.

Active ingredients: Charcoal, Honey, Lavander, Red Moroccan Clay, Coconut Oil, Neem, Kelp & Green Tea

Claimed benefit: For clearer and cleaner skin

Product Review

First, we’ll make it clear that we have oily and acne-prone skin which is why this was the best option we had out of the three sample packs that we have on hand to test and experience.

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After carefully reading its instructions both on the packaging and on Belle Bar’s website, we mixed in 1 teaspoon of the face mask powder and 1 teaspoon of water to create a paste-like mixture. We gently massaged it onto my face, leaving the eye area and left it to dry for 20 minutes. Based on their product description, these masks work deep with its active ingredients so, we put into mind to not leave it on our face for more than the indicated time to avoid any possible adverse effects that it might leave on my skin after. Considering that we do also have sensitive skin, we prefer testing out products while following their indicated directions for use.

When 20 minutes was over, we rinsed our face, but due to the active charcoal ingredient, we admit that we did spend quite some time completely removing the charcoal traces on our face. We ended up using our regular face wash to get rid of the texture that the ingredient left on the skin.

End Result: When all was done, we would say that based on our first use of Belle Bar’s face mask, it does actually work! Of course, we have to consider that to get the real 100% result, we would have to mask with it regularly, but the product did deliver amazing results on first use. After masking, our skin was fresh and bright. The active charcoal ingredient did its wonder and rid our skin of its dirt and excess oils. Even those little bumps that were soon to become acnes were washed away and inflammation on those spots was greatly reduced.

Besides its effectiveness, the mixture was a plenty amount to use on our own.

Final Verdict: Belle Bar surely did come through with their curated face masks and we definitely give this product a thumbs up! Good news is that besides their range of products that target common skin and hair problems, you can also formulate your own mask to suit your needs! To know more about how to customize your own skincare and hair care product, click here.


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