Our Favorite Harry Styles Outfits From Live On Tour

Now that he’s gearing up for his second tour, we think it’s the perfect time to reflect on Harry Styles’ iconic outfits from his first tour, Live On Tour.

And considering it’s our favorite boy’s birthday, it feels like the perfect time to start thinking about all of the possible tour outfits for Love On Tour this upcoming year.

So here, in no particular order, are my favorite five outfits from Live On Tour.

Bangkok, Thailand: May 7, 2018

Credit: Asia Live 365

Milan, Italy: April 2, 2018

Via @Harry_Styles

Nashville, Tennessee: June 12, 2018

Via @Harry_Styles

Los Angeles, California (#2): July 14, 2018

Mexico City, Mexico: June 1/June 2, 2018

All I can say here is that I am a sucker for all of Harry’s sparkly suits — anything that shines and glistems when the light hits it just right is something that will immediately make it to the top of my lists.

Looking through the outfits he’s worn in the time between the end of Live On Tour and today, I’m certain (ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN) that Love On Tour will bring us some more iconic outfits, more iconic spit-takes and more iconic videos of our favorite curly-haired boy.

Happy 26th Birthday, Harry Styles! We’ll see you on tour soon!

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Written by gloria

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