8 Outfits From Harry Styles That We Love

Harry Styles is definitely one of the best-dressed men in the music industry, and you’ll agree with us once you’ve seen some of his most stylish looks that we’ve managed to round up. The former One Direction star is well known for his fashionable 70s inspired outfits, featuring coloured suits, velvet textures and bold prints.

1. Patterned Shirts

Apart from his black skinny jeans, Harry’s style (see what we did there) has featured a fair few patterned shirts throughout the years. This bronze & stone paisley print is just one of our favourites. He’s opted to wear it with the top few buttons open, and matched with a white bandana.

2. Patterned Suits

We’re sticking with the patterned styling, but this time it’s a suit – something Harry has been wearing more of over the last few years since releasing his debut album back in May 2017. This particular suit is from Gucci, and the matching trouser/blazer has been paired with a solid black tee.

3. Bold Prints

Harry has been never been one to shy away from a bold print, and this Saint Laurent jacket is no exception. The navy blue bomber jacket features an array of leaves and is complete with a tiger and bird of prey.

4. Striped Suits

We’re back to the suits, but this time it’s a pinstripe look. The matching jacket and trouser combo are detailed with the red stripes and he paired it with a black shirt underneath. It’s a designer piece from Lanvin that definitely wowed on the red carpet.

5. The Album

We couldn’t not include Harry’s album cover outfit in this list. He released his debut record nearly 2 years ago, and this outfit was part of the promotional material associated with the release.  It’s a bright blue suit with a simple white shirt layered underneath and a pair of high waisted trousers. Oh, and he’s sitting in a pool of red water.

6. Dunkirk Premiere

Harry made his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s highly acclaimed blockbuster Dunkirk back in July 2017. As stylish as ever, Harry wowed on the red carpet of the film’s premiere in a navy suit, white shirt unbuttoned and red leather boots.

7. Tour Fashion

Following the success of his album, Harry embarked on a lengthy tour lasting from September 2017 all the way through to July the following year. Of all the tour outfits (and there were a fair few…) this purple suit goes down as one of our favourites.

8. Gucci Campaign

Finishing off this list of iconic Harry Styles outfits is his men’s tailoring campaign with Gucci. This campaign featured a grey three-piece suit that was matched with some Gucci trainers. The campaign was set in a traditional fish & chip shop in north London and featured the pieces for Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

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Written by Chris Bland

Hi there! My name is Chris and I am a 20 year old student from London! I have a passion for fashion (that rhymed!) and love creating content on the latest menswear trends. Say hello on Twitter: @itsbland

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