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Last Minute 2020 Inspired Halloween Costumes!

2020 has most definitely been a historical year!

Not only has Covid-19 changed our lives physically, but it has also changed the ways in which we live society culturally too. Lockdown has encouraged us to find new hobbies, connect with people in new ways, and most importantly, get creative.

This year’s cultural shift is the perfect inspiration for Halloween costumes and our collective newfound creativity makes these costumes a piece of pumpkin pie to produce.

Fuzzable has put together a list of 10 last minute 2020-inspired Halloween costumes that will be just as memorable as this year!

Joe Exotic & Carole Baskin

Netflix’s Tiger King marked the start of lockdown, so why not honour quarantine’s first cultural icons by dressing up as Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin this Halloween. To be either is easy. Wear your favourite pair of jeans with a bold patterned shirt. Then, add a flower crown to be Carole or a handlebar moustache if you are going as Joe. Make the costume extra clear by carrying a tiger or cat plush.

Tiger King… literally!

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If you love Tiger King but want a bit of a wittier costume (or you just cannot seem to find a patterned shirt that will do Joe and Carole justice), why not go as a literal tiger king? Start by dressing up as a tiger: head to toe in orange and black stripes with a pair of cat ears on top. Then, add a crown to declare yourself the king!

Whipped Coffee

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Another cultural marker of March 2020 was whipped coffee. It seemed like everybody had tried the Korean drink made with instant coffee, sugar, and water. Coffee is not necessarily a new Halloween costume, as people have dressed up as Starbucks cups for years, but whipped coffee makes for a new take on the look.

To be any coffee, start by wearing an all brown outfit – dresses tend to work best to mimic the shape of a cup! To add the “whipped” factor, get beige or golden tissue paper, lightly scrunch it up, and add it to the collar of your top.

Bring along a real cup of whipped coffee to keep you awake for a Halloween movie marathon at night!

Zoom Call

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Most of us were hardly aware of Zoom before 2020, but now the video calling platform has become part of our everyday lives. Zoom is the reason so many people are still able to connect at work, at school, and with friends – so say thank you to the app’s creators by dressing up as Zoom for Halloween!

The first way to dress up as Zoom is by being the logo. Get a large piece of cardboard, cut it into a square, and paint on the Zoom logo before tying on strings and dropping it around your neck. The second suggestion is more complex, but is equally fun. Get a larger piece of cardboard and split it into four sections. Paint or print pictures of people to put into three sections. Then, cut a rectangle into one of the cardboard sections – this is where your face pops out. To really get into character, remember to accidentally start talking at the same time as somebody else.

Your Favourite 2020 Songs

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Lockdown was an opportunity time for a number of artists to create and release new music. The rise of TikTok also pushed older songs into newfound fame. Some of this year’s top songs and albums are great inspiration for 2020 Halloween costumes. Dress up as Taylor Swift’s cardigan or a stick of dynamite, inspired by BTS. You could imagine what you look like as Conan Gray’s Heather or as Arizona Zervas’ Roxanne. Need a couple’s costume? Harry Styles has your back when you and your partner dress up as watermelon and sugar. Take a look at your playlist and get creative!

Watermelon Chicken Salad

Speaking of Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar, let’s not forget New York University’s infamous watermelon chicken salad. When students first moved into NYU this year, they began posting pictures and videos of their school-provided meals.

One of the most memorable being the watermelon chicken salad. Become the whole salad yourself or make this into a group costume. One person can dress up as the watermelon, one as the chicken, and one as the salad.

Reviews on the watermelon chicken salad were mixed, but your costume is sure to impress.

Tracksuit Robert Pattinson

You know the photo. Robert Pattinson is standing in the middle of the kitchen while wearing an Adidas tracksuit, his hands stiffly at his side as he stares off into the distance. Everything about it feels oh-so-Robert. You can embrace this oh-so-Robert aura by being Tracksuit Robert Pattinson for Halloween. The most important part of this costume is a tracksuit. If not in your own closet, you can likely find mix-and-match pieces of a tracksuit at your local thrift store. The more disjointed the costume, the better. Don’t forget to slick your hair back and add some facial hair for the perfect look.

The Fly On Mike Pence’s Head

Another key component of 2020 is that it is a U.S. election year. A lot has happened throughout the campaigns and debates, but nothing has been as meme-worthy and costume-worthy as the fly on American Vice President, Mike Pence’s head. Elaborate fly costumes are available online, but there are easy ways to D-I-fly the costume as well: wear all black, create some wings, and add big buggy eyes. Take advantage of the fact that most people will be seeing your costume via social media this year. Let your imagination and Photoshop skills run wild, as you show the world who you plan to land on next.

Among Us

Among Us is among the latest trends of 2020. The game has seen a rise in popularity in the past couple months and fans have already been using their love of the characters as creative inspiration for drawings, plushies, and earrings. TikTok users have come up with an easy way to become a crewmate. Simply put on a solid coloured hoodie backwards and pull the hood up over your face. Then, use a disposable mask to cover your eyes. This is a great joint costume for friends who cannot physically get together at Halloween, but still want to enjoy the festivities as a group. Just as the game allows people to feel together while apart, so can the costume.


The numbers 2020 where the first zero is shown as a clock.
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If you are having a hard time deciding which part of 2020 you want to be for Halloween, then just dress up as the entire year. Mix and match these costumes and feel free to add elements of your own. Pick a base of your costume: maybe a tiger or maybe a tracksuit. Then, add your headpiece such as a fly or colourful helmet. Lastly, it is props galore with whipped coffee or a watermelon chicken salad in hand. Sure, the costume will be chaotic but how else would you capture the whole year?

Are you planning to use any of our 2020-inspired Halloween costumes this year? What other last minute costume ideas do you have? Let us know by tweeting us @Fuzzable.

Written by Kendra Seguin

Aspiring journalist and Price is Right contestant.

Instagram: @kendraseguin
Nail Art Instagram: @kendranailingit

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