5 Ways to get the smell of Harry Styles


This week the media has gone crazy with the news that top smelling experts (Harry’s biggest fans) have finally uncovered the scent of Mr. Styles. That scent is Tom Ford Beauty Private Blend Tobacco Vanille – an earthy tobacco plant blended with soft vanilla nodes.

Since this news has broken, Tom Ford’s candles for $66 have sold out completely online. Everyone is desperate for their homes and hearts to be filled with the sweet smell of the Adore You singer.

Seeing as it’s become impossible to find the Tom Ford candle, we’ve decided to do our own scientific research and find the best ways to get a dupe of that sweet scent.

Tribute8 Tobacco Vanille – £41

Firstly, we have found this aftershave on Amazon. Fragrance fanatics who formally purchased the $240 scent have said this is the best alternative, commenting that it smells identical – the bottle may not look as luxe however the pricetag is alot kinder.

Trouva Tobacco and  Candle – £37.99

We have discovered this highly recommended candle company – who make candles based on some of the most desired fragrances around, and this week their best seller candle is in fact this one. Slightly cheaper than the internet’s most wanted candle, but claims to smell the same.

Car Cologne Car Air freshener – £12.99

We’ve often sat in our cars and sang ‘Falling’ whilst crying into the steering wheel, or done the ‘traffic light boogy’ to Watermelon Sugar – and thanks to these perfumes for cars we can do it whilst smelling Harry.

Wax Melts – Prices from £2.50

Etsy is the place of dreams when it comes to sourcing hand made items. We have found the Etsy store with the highest accuracy on their likeness for scents and found that these are the most like Harry Styles smelling wax melts. Yes, our hands have just slipped and ordered these for “Research”.

DIY  – Essential Oils – From £7.19

After all this research we discovered that we too can create our own Harry inspired wax melts and candles. We’ve narrowed down the best company for essential oils and found their Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco and Vanille – oil, and put it on order. If you’re feeling crafty then why not create your own! We will be bringing you results of our own creativity in the coming weeks.

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Written by Niki

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