Introducing: SPARK – the U.K.’s FIRST alcoholic sparkling water brand

Here at Fuzzable we love nothing more than discovering new brands and, in turn, introducing them to all of you, our wonderful, loyal readers.

Today we are super excited to showcase a new London based drinks company, hailed as being the U.K.’s first ever alcoholic sparkling water brand…

SPARK is a low calorie drink that mixes sparkling water and natural flavours with a crisp twist of alcohol to create a refreshing, ultra-low calorie drink that contains no added sugar or sweetness.

Initially available in two different flavours – ‘Lemon, Lime & Mint’ and ‘Mixed Berry’, at 4% ABV, each 250mil can contains only 65 calories and 3g carbs.

Lemon, Lime & Mint
Mixed Berry

Who Are SPARK?

Co-founded by Ben Reynolds and Don Larotonda, SPARK Beverages Ltd was formed in 2018 with the mantra that a balanced lifestyle doesn’t need to be all about ‘complicated routines’ and ‘cutting out the fun’.

“Whether you’re looking for a new signature drink, or just up for a good time, we’re here to help you do it in fewer calories, without sacrificing great taste.”

SPARK co-founders Ben Reynolds & Don Larotonda

To keep up to date with ALL things SPARK be sure to check out their official website here – and follow them on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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