Wear Them With Pride: UGG Launches its Pride Rainbow Collection!

If you are a sucker for fur, fun and flamboyant colours or even an avid Pride supporter, then trust us, we have some fabulous news that’s sure to have you skipping over the rainbow!

The world-renowned giants UGG, have just dropped their most beautiful range! In honour of celebrating pride month, they have launched their ‘Rainbow Pride Capsule Collection’ and it is furr-rociously fantastic.

The range consists of six different styles which follow two basic designs, the ‘Disco Checker Slide’ and the ‘Fluff Yeah Slide’.

The ‘Fluff Yeah’ design consists of a soft fluffy slipper with a sandal base, combined within one perfect sheepskin shoe. The sandal element includes an easy elastic heel strap and a comfortable rubber outer sole, creating the perfect piece.



The ‘Disco Checker Slide’ is almost identical in design, however incorporates a two-inch platform sole and a retro checkerboard pattern.

Both designs are available three different colours; ‘Pride Rainbow Purple’, ‘Pride Rainbow Yellow’ and ‘Pride Stripes’.

The fabulous furry range is available in sizes ranging from Adults 3-12, and includes both Kids and Toddlers. Kids versions are available in sizes 12-3, while Toddlers are available in sizes 5-12.

Adult styles are priced starting at £100, with the Kids and Toddlers are being priced at a range of £50-£65.


In addition to launching the ‘Rainbow Pride’ range, UGG have also donated a massive £102,000 to GLAAD as part of their #UGGPRIDE campaign, which is a not for profit organisation working to advance LGBTQ+ equality. The funds contribute towards their culture-changing programs.

John McCourt, Senior Director at GLAAD stated: “With both its ‘PROUD Prom’ and colourful, all-gender Pride collection, UGG is stepping up and finding unique and creative ways for LGBTQ people, especially LGBTQ youth, to showcase their pride this June”.

We here at Fuzz are obsessed with this new range.

The big question is are you a ‘Disco Checkerboard’ or a ‘Fluff Yeah’ lover? We want them all! For more news like this head on over to @Fuzzable on Twitter!

Written by Amy Carr

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