7 Ways to Unwind After a Long Day

We all get them days where things are a bit too crazy, and we need some way to relax. It can be hard to find a way that allows your brain to be distracted and lets you calm down. We’ve compiled 7 ways to help you unwind, so that you can feel fresh tomorrow.

Take a long hot bath/shower.

As cliche as this may sound, washing the day away is a every therapeutic way to de-stress. Put in some muscle relaxing bubble bath, some bath salts or even a lavender scented shower gel. You’ll feel calmer in no time, and will smell divine.

Spend time with your pets

It’s a proven fact by some scientist that stroking a pet releases endorphins (your brains happy chemicals) and stroking pets can help with depression. Go grab your cat, put it on your lap and stroke away, have a playtime with your dog, watch your fish swim around, talk to your bird. And if you don’t have a pet go around a friends or a neighbours who do.


Being creative is a great way to free your mind of the stress that you encountered and focus your energy on making something. Whether its colouring in a colouring book, making your old clothes into pillows, making a model aeroplane or even making a sock monster. These things may sound either silly or boring but give them a try! Your mind will be in a creative place in no time.


Just like creating, baking is a great way to free your mind. Plus if its your boss or your teacher who has given you stress that day, then balloon whisking your mixture or kneading dough and envisioning their head is going to make you feel so much better.

Escape from your life and into someone elses.

Whether it’s a really great movie or your favourite book, escaping is a brilliant way to forget about your stresses. Find your favourite series, story or film and revel in characters lives and worry about their happy ending and issues instead of yours.

Phone someone.

A problem shared is a problem halved. Phone that friend you first met on holiday years ago, talk away to your aunt and uncle about everything new. Or better yet phone your grandparents or other elderly relatives. Hearing about others lives and reminiscing about great times you had together will make the stress you faced today feel far away.


Learning is a great way to lose yourself. Maybe not looking through Pythagoras theorem before bed, but finding out about something that interests you is never a waste of time. Maybe look into your favourite actors day to day life or about your dogs heritage, You can find so much on the internet, so you’ll be bound to find something that interests you.

Let us know if you have any other things we can try when we need to relax by tweeting us @Fuzzable.

Written by Niki

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