How to Have the Best Pamper Night on a Budget.

Whether it’s a night in with your best friends, or you just need a little bit of TLC, everyone deserves a night of relaxation and to feel gorgeous after. Today we give you some ideas to make sure you don’t need to spend loads to get yourself feeling glam.

The whole point of pampering is to make you feel fab. But usually that can come at a hefty price. Expensive face masks, hair masks, drinks and food, manicures, pedicures, buying dvd’s and cds, exfoliators makeovers etc. What is the point when you either have everything you need already, you can make it yourself, or buy much cheaper options.

Face masks. If its just you, then instead of picking up a whole massive tub of expensive mask, look for a cheaper single use mask. We really love the Holler and Glow Hangover SOS sheet mask from Primark. Or if you have a group of you together, why not buy a tube of mask. Multiple uses and much cheaper, our go to is the NSPA Glow Mud Mask (It’s a total dupe for GlamGlow, but only £7)

– Hair Masks. Okay, hair masks to deep conditon your hair may be brilliant, but so is leaving in a mositurising conditioner for 30 mins. It’ll leave your hair shiney and silky the way a hair mask does, but will save a ton of money.

-Manicures. We all have a billion nail varnishes from christmas gift sets, special offers or even coulors we at some point thought we needed. Pair them with a 6 way nail file to prep your nails perfectly and the Essense gel effect top coat. No one will know you hadn’t seen a nail tech

Exfoliator. Instead of paying a load of money for an exfoliator, make your own. For a a supe glowy and fresh exfoliator mix together a teaspoon of sugar, half a teaspoon of honey and squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon in the mix too. Mix this all together and exfoliate!

-Makeovers. Get your girl pals to all bring over their basic makeup items (foundation, concealor, brow product, mascara and eyeliner) and a pallet of choice. Either a face or an eye shadow pallet per person, and then everyone swap. Using eachothers pallets to create a look will give everyone the chance to try something new, create looks they hadn’t thought of plus you’ll be able to try a pallet you’d been thinking of before puchasing!

-Food. So, its kind of a rule to have take away at a pamper party yeah? Mix it up! Your local super market more then likely has a deli counter that makes fresh pizza for a frction of the price. You can pick your own toppings, crusts, and size. Pop it into the oven, and it will be as good as your favourite pizza places. For snacks, look around for offers in store, or use up what you already have in your house.

-Entertainment. Instead of buying a new dvd, or new CD, utilise your subscriptions. Chances are Netflix has one or two feel good films you haven’t watched, and Spotify does have Niall’s beautiful album on it. Failing that, check out your nearest second hand store. They are bound to have films and cd’s your yet to fall in love with!

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Written by Niki

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