5 great ways to get more dairy in your diet

We all know that calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth, but that’s not all: it plays a vital role in the healthy functioning of your nervous system and muscles – fail to get enough calcium from foods, drinks, and vitamins, and you could run into health problems.

Experts recommend consuming around three portions of dairy per day, but because dairy products are often high in fat, it’s easy to skip biscuits and cheese in favour of fruit, instead. Below, we’ve put together simple ways to add more dairy to your diet without looking like a cow!


Drink more milk

Let’s start with the most obvious one: drinking milk is a great way to up your calcium intake and hydrate your body in the process. A 200ml glass of milk contains around 300 milligrams of calcium – that’s around a third of what you need to consume per day.

Drink your glass of milk on a morning with cereal, or on an evening as an alternative to a soft drink or glass of wine. It’s an ideal alternative to heartburn and indigestion tablets, too, so sip away slowly!


Don’t be afraid of cheese

Cheese is pretty amazing, but if you’re on a diet, the chances are that you’re going to avoid those cheesy scones or grilled cheese sandwiches. A healthier alternative is cottage cheese, which is made from curds mixed with milk. 100 grams of cottage cheese contains around 98 calories and more than 80 milligrams of calcium. Ideal with a slice of toast or a bagel, adding cottage cheese to your diet is a sure-fire way to increase your calcium intake sensibly.


Get your dairy products delivered

Nowadays, we’re all so busy, and as a result, we’re often forced to choose takeaways and meal deals at lunchtime instead of doing a full weekly shop. That can also mean that you sacrifice on your usual dairy-based products, or leave them sitting in the fridge too long to be consumed safely. Instead, why not have your milk and other products delivered to your door? Companies like Kerr’s Dairy offer milk delivery in Aberdeen – it’s the ideal time-saver.


Treat yourself to a coffee at work

Most of us consume too much caffeine, but if you’re looking to up your calcium intake, then treat yourself to a caffe latte when you’re next at Starbucks. These drinks are made with an espresso and steamed milk, and they’re super-duper delicious. If you’re watching the weight, choose skimmed milk and avoid those sugary syrups which are delicious but so bad for you.


Opt for vitamin tablets

If you’re lactose intolerant, you’ll struggle to eat enough calcium naturally, and so may need to opt for supplements or vitamin tablets that contain calcium. Some capsules contain a mix of calcium, magnesium, and zinc, designed to promote good health, so shop around and choose a product that works for you. There are chewable varieties, but they’re often chalky.


Do you have any other tips or recipes for upping your calcium take? Let us know and check back soon for more tips and tricks on looking after your body and staying healthy, every day.

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