All parties (writers, editors, contributors) are required to abide by the following rules and regulations. By writing for Fuzzable, you are automatically assumed to be following and agreeing to these rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in instant termination from Fuzzable.

All parties (writers, editors, contributors) will be addressed as “Fuzzable writer” or “you” throughout this rules and regulations document.

If you are unsure or unfamiliar with any aspect of this document, please get in touch with a member of the team immediately. By becoming a Fuzzable writer, you are automatically agreeing to the rules and regulations listed below.

Legality and Ownership

  • Writers who fail to take due care and attention in relation to laws regarding online publishing will be accountable for damages caused to third parties and Fuzzable as a brand
  • Content written for Fuzzable is owned by Fuzzable and is not for republication without permission on any website
  • Content distributed to third party websites, including your own, is infrigement of these terms and necessary legal action will be taken

Attitude and behaviour

Your attitude across the entire Fuzzable community (social media, our website and our Facebook group) plays a major role in our development. As part of the  team, you must abide by the following rules and regulations.

  • Be professional at all times. Treat Fuzzable as a working environment
  • Respect each other’s inputs and opinions
  • Take personal responsibility and show common sense
  • Do not criticise without constructive criticism
  • Treat all with fairness and kindness
  • Do not use bad language
  • Be mindful of what others are writing, checking the posted and pending articles so no duplicates are made
  • If you have a personal issue with another writer, directly message them or go to an admin for anything you are uncertain of
  • When you agree to join a project, you must meet all of the required deadlines
  • If you are unable to meet guidelines, tell the project organiser and or an admin with due time so they may make necessary arrangements
  • You must be aware of all genders, races and sexualities when writing
  • No discriminating or bullying
  • Our Facebook group was designed for open and honest communication – use this platform for all discussion so it is documented and accessible to all writers
  • Fuzzable is a team – work together, get along, and enjoy

Social Media Rules and Regulations

This guide refers to using your own social media accounts, not the Fuzzable social media accounts. Please see Fuzzable social media rules.

As a Fuzzable writer, you are responsible for the reputation of the Fuzzable brand across social media. When using social media, you must follow and abide by the rules listed below.

  • Do not speak on behalf of Fuzzable on your personal accounts
  • Never assume authority of Fuzzable on your accounts
  • Ensure all personal comments are strictly labeled as your own views
  • Do not discuss behind the scenes information of Fuzzable with members of the public on your social media accounts
  • Always follow Fuzzable’s core values and ethos on your social media accounts
  • Remember to be professional

Fuzzable has no legal authority over your own personal social media accounts, however if we feel you are acting irresponsibly, you may be terminated.

Writers Rules and Regulations

This guide refers to the rules and regulations of writing. Please see the ‘Fuzzable Writers Guide’ document for further information

As a writer, you must follow the rules below to ensure the process behind the scenes runs as smoothly, effectively and efficiently as possible.

  • You must post relevant, interesting content
  • You must follow the Fuzzable Writer’s Guide at all times
  • You must show passion and enthusiasm for your writing
  • Sloppy writing or repeated mistakes will not be permitted
  • You must take on board feedback
  • You must post content once per week
    • A lapse of up to one month is permitted. After that, your account will be terminated
    • Extensions will be granted, but you must let the team know


If you wish to leave Fuzzable, please email You do not need to state your reasons why, however feedback is useful. Content posted on Fuzzable will remain live under the ‘Fuzzable’ account, and your account will be terminated.

This page was last updated on January 1, 2017.