Welcome to the first edition of Fuzzable’s Social Media Rules. This guide will be periodically updated. All parties are required to abide by the following rules when using any of Fuzzable’s social media platforms. Failure to do so may result in instant termination from Fuzzable.

Twitter Rules

You must abide by the following rules when using the @Fuzzable Twitter account

    • You must only post content that’s relevant to our audience
    • You can post celebrity news from other websites, but you must not link to another website – instead, turn it into a tweet
    • You must respect our followers and be responsible at all times
    • You must not tweet about or retweet any social media account or website that is not Fuzzable.com
    • You must not retweet any tweet (unless a high profile mention)
    • Never participate in celebrity voting (i.e. #MTVOneDirection) • Do not tweet about the same celebrity too often
    • Do not post personal content
    • Always remember to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation
    • Use emojis sparingly
    • Always speak as “we”, never “me”
    • Remember to add images and GIFs to tweets to engage the audience
    • Do not tweet images with text, screenshots, etc
    • Do not argue or respond negatively to comments
    • Do not direct message people
      • Only admins should be direct messaging people and responding to messages


As a Fuzzable social media helper, it is your responsibility to

  • Tweet content from Fuzzable.com (with links)
  • Schedule posts using TweetDeck
  • Engage with our audience (respond, like tweets, etc)

This guide was last updated on January 1, 2017.