App Love: Pinterest

Pinterest is an app that many people love and use on a daily basis. While using the app, you can pin things to themed boards that you create.

It’s very easy to find just about any topic you could think about on Pinterest. You can find anything from fashion to gorgeous class notes, to delicious recipes.


You can also follow other users and topics that you like. The app will even recommend posts for you, based on what you look at often.

To pin something, simply click on the post that you would like to save.

Then click “pin” and choose the board that you want the post to go on. That’s it! You’ve successfully pinned something!

Pinterest is great for people who want inspiration for projects or DIY’s because there is always something new to discover.


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Written by Madelynn Weiland

You can usually find me at a coffee shop with my favorite book.
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