Tips for a winter home renovation

With the winter months approaching, many of us have ambitions to spruce up our homes and make them feel cozy. Some of us may have ambitions of purchasing soft, faux-fur throws, while others may be pondering the practicalities of installing a wood burner. Whichever your approach, you may be already looking at budgets to figure out what is achievable in your own home. Here are some practical and design-focused tips to make your home winter-ready.


Invest in efficient radiators

For some of us, our ambitions for our home during the winter months may be purely practical. After all, a home that has a persistent winter chill running through it can be less than desirable. If your heating is a bit out of date, or could be more energy efficient, then try using aluminium radiators that require less water to get them up to temperature. Brands such as Eskimo Radiators produce radiators that come in a variety of styles and colors.


Do your curtains trap heat?

Our houses have to face up to a wide variety of seasonal changes, and so our curtains may be falling somewhere in the middle when it comes to thickness. While lighter curtains do look great during the summer, they are less effective at trapping heat. Investing in heavy curtains for your windows (and maybe even doors in older properties) will help to prevent cold drafts from bringing the temperature down.


In a similar vein, applying rugs on top of old floor boards will stop heat from escaping underneath your flooring. Not to mention that it will make your room feel extra warm through the winter months and give you something comfy to walk on.


Get it feeling cozy

This is where the fun starts; adding features that make your home feel like a snowy retreat. Adding little features to your home that make it feel cozy will make it feel winter-ready in terms of how it aesthetically looks. You could start by investing in some throws and blankets to leave in your living room, or maybe even progress to installing a hot cocoa bar in your kitchen.


Refresh your lights

Once Daylight Saving Time kicks in, your evenings will suddenly vanish into darkness. In order to make your home a welcoming place to stay wrapped up in during the darker days it’s a good idea to refresh the lighting in your home, or perhaps add a little bit more. Investing in lampshades that put out much more light or adding a few more standing lamps here and there will keep your home looking brighter and more open once it gets past dinner time.


A winter makeover is a great way to embrace the changing of the seasons. Making sure your heating is up-to-scratch and giving your home a bit of a decorative spruce up will see you ready to take on frosty mornings and chilly evenings. Adding a few money-saving measures to trap heat in your home will also keep your bank looking pretty healthy, too.

Written by Monella

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