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Last summer we had a terrific time in Lexington. I met with old friends and my cousins over there. The most enjoyable moment was a Sunday tailgating party with my friends in my uncle’s farm. We loved the spicy Indian kebabs and the country music added more fun to the party. This January, I am in India and winter is a perfect time to enjoy in this part of the world. So, I thought of having a small tailgating party with my friends. I searched and bought 6 stuffs for my tailgating party in India. I am a party animal and so, these 6 things will be an asset whenever I would like to unwind in a outdoor party. Here they are –

Tailgater Speaker – I never know that this breed of sound system actually exist for the real party lovers. And I never wanted to settle for any ordinary product. I chose the best one – Ion Audio Tailgater Plus. This is undoubtedly the best tailgater speaker in the market at this moment. If you want to buy any other speaker for your outdoor and tailgating party, then I would strongly recommend you to buy it from the Ion Audio. They are really the leader in tailgating sound system.

Griller – A party without food is unimaginable. In Lexington one of my cousin was star griller for us. We loved his grilling skill and believe me, you can also be the centre of attraction in a tailgate party if you really know how to grill the best dishes. For grilling I picked up the gas griller from Smoke Hollow. The special stainless steel tabletop gas grill which is known as Smoke Hollow 205, is a neat budget friendly but highly rated griller for these purposes. I would also recommend an Instant-read thermometer for perfect grilling. There are good options available for only $10, so why take a chance of half cooked grill food ? I would strongly recommend a thermometer with your griller for proper grilling.

Portable Beer Pong Table – A little more fun is playing a game in the party with a can of beer. What is better than playing beer pong in your tailgate party ? I think for this you should buy a portable beer pong table. This can be used for other outdoor purposes as well, starting from grilling, taking food or placing the music system. I do not have any fascination for any brand, but searched Amazon and chose portable table from Red Cup Pong. I found it within my budget and there were good number of positive feedback in Amazon. So, better to go by with public opinion than buy a random one. I used the table this winter and I am more than happy. It is light weight & portable to carry anywhere outdoor. Just buy anything which can take some weight but light to carry anywhere.

Armchair – You need some cool pretty looking chairs in any outdoor party to add some color. In fact there are plentiful choice in the market. You can buy as per your choice. I just looked for something which is foldable and have some kind of beverage holder. I bought 10 chairs from GCI outdoor. These chairs are easy to use.

Portable Cooler – A cooler is must for soft drink and beer. Bigger ones are difficult to carry. So,
I settled for a smaller one from Yeti. Yeti does make pretty good outdoor use flusk, mug, insulted wine tumbler and many more such items. I love their products and finally bought a portable cooler to carry drinks for my outdoor parties. But if you are really want to make a difference in the outdoor party mood you may choose to have a Pressurized Growler for local made beers. There are many good products available in this category. But I liked the one from GrowlerWerks. It is in my future buy list for sure.

Coffee Maker – This is a special addition in my buying list. Frankly speaking, I love a mug of coffee any time of the day. So, this buy is just not for my tailgating time. But a coffee machine can really make your outdoor time warm specially when you have a night party in the lawn. So, I bought this through one of my friend in the US. It is known as High Vis Green CoffeeBoxx from oxx. The price is little high but I really did not mind as I want to have one machine all the time in my apartment.

I am based out of India and we have a very enjoyable and warm winter time, so in my top 6 buying list I do not consider a heater or may be a heated insole. If you are based in US or other part of the world you may need a heater for a night party outdoor. So next time when you are up for a party, do not forget to have these awesome products ready to make your party super hit.

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