Reasons Why We LOVE Jesy Nelson!

We defy anybody to watch Jesy Nelson’s powerful documentary Odd One Out and not be moved by the Little Mix stars story.

Airing last week on BBC 1, the hour long programme saw Nelson go on a journey of rehabilitation, as she bravely spoke for the first time of the unbearable and relentless abuse she suffered at the hands of cyberbullies upon finding fame back in 2011 as a contestant on The X Factor.

Emotional, raw, jarring and sadly relatable to so many, the documentary was a no holds barred look at the effect other peoples cruel words had on a young girl from Romford, as she set out to fulfil her dreams and find her own way in the world.

To Little Mix fans across the globe, Jesy Nelson always seemed to be the life and soul of the party! Funny, smart, confident, outrageous and outspoken – with her infectious laugh and contagious zest for life, she appeared to have it all… or so we thought.

Behind the scenes, the now 28 year old admits she has been suffering in silence for more than 8 years, terrified to speak out for fear that by doing so would only bring her more attention, and subject her to more cruel ridicule and abuse.

Here at Fuzzable we have always ADORED Jesy, and it really broke our hearts to see just how much she has had to endure since finding fame all those years ago. But as the old saying goes, you can’t keep a good girl down, and Jesy is coming back FIGHTING – stronger and braver than she ever could have imagined!

To celebrate this wonderful woman we want to take a moment to share with you all the reasons why we love her…


Let’s be clear about something; people love Little Mix!

Unlike with other pop groups, we’ve witnessed their journey together as a band from the moment they were formed, watching them go from being shy, naive teenagers to strong, self-assured, confident young women, who continue to gracefully grow in stature with each year that goes by.

People feel comfortable, invested and protective towards the ladies, and are in awe of their talent and charm. They’re charismatic and vibrant, and four completely different funny characters, who have a knack of keeping their audience entertained both on AND off the stage. 

Whether it be ‘Eat In with Little Mix’, a behind the scenes Instagram story or a talk show appearance, the girls are HILARIOUS!.. especially their most outspoken member, Jessica Louise Nelson! With her quick wit, natural sass, bad ass attitude and brilliant one liners, Jesy has a personality and sense of humour that most can only dream of.

Don’t believe us? Well check out the video below that we found on YouTube of some of Jesy’s most funniest moments:


Much of the vitriolic abuse that Jesy has had to endure over the years centred around people cruelly criticising her appearance.

Well… we couldn’t disagree with those fools more! Because not only do we think Jesy is beyond BEAUTIFUL, we also really love her individual sense of style, and often look to her for fashion and beauty inspo when it comes to putting together our own outfits and looks.

From her wardrobe choices to her make up routine, her hair styles to the ways in which she uses accessories to elevate and individualise her outfits – we LIVE for this girls style! 

Here are some of our most favourite Jesy looks:


Long before a meme or a GIF could make a person famous (or infamous depending on how you look at it!) Miss Nelson was one of the first celebrities to REALLY break the internet when her attempt at mastering the Jamaican accent went viral!

Playing the ‘Accent Challenge’ game with her fellow Little Mix bandmates, Jesy sent the worldwide web into total meltdown as she showcased her unique interpretation of the much loved Caribbean islands iconic twang.

We challenge you not to laugh when watching this… 


From the moment Little Mix (or Rhythmix as they were originally known) hit the X Factor stage, they were a pure force to be reckoned with.

With their slick dance routines, angelic harmonies and sassy stage presence the girls have given us some of the most memorable performances and pop culture moments of the past decade.

Ms. Nelson is a triple threat – with her unique powerful vocal style, incredible dance ability and undeniable star quality, Jesy shines and belongs onstage… simply put, she is the PERFECT popstar!

Watch below our pick of some of Little Mix’s best performances so far:

Little Mix ‘Black Magic’ Live at The Teen Choice Awards 2105

Little Mix ‘Woman Like Me’ Live at The Brits 2109

Little Mix ‘Dance With Somebody’ Radio 1 Live Lounge 2015

Little Mix ‘Power / Reggaetón Lento’ Live at The X Factor 2017


Unfortunately we all know how it feels to be ridiculed and made fun of.

You may have been the victim of name calling or bullying at school, you may have had to endure a friend or family member making a joke at your expense which you were supposed to find ‘funny’, and if you didn’t you were then accused of being too sensitive or not having a sense of humour… it’s a horrible feeling isn’t it?

Well imagine having what feels like the whole world attacking you in that very same way and then think about Jesy Nelson.

Can you imagine reading the most vile, hurtful things about yourself and then having to appear on national television and pretend like nothing is wrong and that you’re loving your ‘perfect’ popstar life? Or seeing doctored photograph of yourself on social media with your head cut off because somebody says you’re ‘too ugly’ to look at, and then having to go to a photoshoot and be in front of a camera all day trying to look happy and confident… how Jesy has managed to be so brave and keep it all together and not fall completely apart we do not know, because she was caught up in such a vicious cycle that most people could not get out of.

In the days after the first showing of Odd One Out, there feels to be this real visceral connection between Jesy and the public, people now feel this gravitational pull towards her, like we all want to protect and look out for her.

Could it be that Jesy’s story has finally woken us up as a society, and made us realise that this kind of online behaviour has just got to stop? We certainly hope so.

P.s. Jesy… we love you xo

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Written by philip_logan

Contact: Twitter & IG: @philip_logan

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