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Yves Tumor Unveiled “Chrysalis” Jewellry Collection With Daemon Concept

Yves Tumor and artisanal jeweller Daemon Concept collaborated to launch an evocative “Chrysalis” Capsule Jewelry Collection to support Cis and Trans women, that focuses on sharp silhouettes and delicate shapes.

Since the dawn of music video culture, the worlds of fashion and music have converged in ways we couldn’t imagine before. It magnified the atmosphere where the visuals and screen appearance became the king, thus elevating the overall experience. The music and glamour industries cohabit, and they have been expanding their frontiers and making a statement. It is unimaginable to separate the two industries in contemporary realms.

The last few decades have seen loads of collaborations between musicians and fashion connoisseurs, but it is heartening to see an innovative collection as “Chrysalis,” which feels best of the both worlds. It’s not surprising that Yves Tumor would ultimately enter the realm of the fashion world given their passion and enthusiasm for being exceptional, extraordinary, and “out there.”

Miami-born Sean Bowie, best known by the recording alias Yves Tumor, is an American musician and music producer of experimental music while transcending genres. Yves Tumor simply defies classification, other than to say that they are a genderless artist producing genre-less music. They discovered their knack for music as a teenager, picking up the nuances of multiple instruments and influences along the way.

True to inventive form, Yves Tumor is broadening its unpredictable creative reach and unique, visionary approach with the launch of the nuanced collaboration between Yves Tumor and artisanal jewellery brand, Daemon Concept, the “Chrysalis” jewellery capsule collection. They worked together for two to three years to create the quintessential balance of strong, pungent and intense and delicate tenderness for their collection reflected through butterflies and transformations.

“Chrysalis” jewellery range incorporates organic, natural shapes with peculiar contours and silhouettes to illustrate our contemporary society and the human condition. The collection inspired the artist to communicate the violence against, and resilience of, cis and trans women — exemplified by profound rebirth symbolism and the edges of each metallic piece.

According to Yves Tumor as per his statement via press release,

“These years, the butterflies became a symbol that we could meet across all mediums. The stages of development from chrysalis to the monarch evoke the idea of starting with isolation, and then switching code across metaphysical and biological stages, that echoed moments of life as artists moving between complete isolation and being out in the world .… It’s a research into our preference to never lose fragility, even when fighting.”

Photo Credit: Brandon Bowen

The collection includes items like ear studs, rings and knuckle dusters with spiky elements which acknowledge that memories can scar. By weaving in harsh elements of armour and blades, the jewellery doubles as a “self-protection essential”—an ode to the violence and enduring trauma women, especially trans women, face. “It’s a research into our preference to never lose fragility, even when fighting.”

Here are some of our favourite accessories from the Chrysalis collection!

Visit the online store to check out and buy the entire Chrysalis collection online! Click here to buy.

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