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YouTuber Lisa Schwartz Debuts Cover of Her First Book ‘Thirty-Life Crisis’

YouTuber Lisa Schwartz, otherwise known as “lisbug” on social media, has announced that she will be releasing her very first book, titled Thirty-Life Crisis. To go along with her announcement, Schwartz uploaded a video of some of her friends and family reacting to the book’s cover.

One of those friends is YouTuber Shane Dawson, who has collaborated with Schwartz for the film “Not Cool.” Dawson played a special part in the book, as he wrote the book’s forward.

The cover shows Lisa Schwartz holding a glass of wine while holding her dog, Corny, in a baby carrier.

“I love this cover so much because it definitely captures exactly what this book is about and exactly who I am and what I’m all about,” Schwartz said in her latest YouTube video.

The YouTuber said that she was approached to write a book several years ago, but felt like she had nothing to say until now, as someone in “the nitty-gritty of her thirties.”

“Half of my friends were married with kids and the other half were still binge drinking and sleeping on couches and I was somewhere in the middle and I was like, ‘where is the book for this?'” she said.

“People talk about your quarter-life crisis and your mid-life crisis but nobody ever warned you about your thirty-life crisis.”

Containing a series of essays, Thirty-Life Crisis is meant to help people who are also trying to figure out adulthood, especially those who find themselves comparing themselves to others in terms of their careers and relationships.

For one anyone who isn’t an adult quite yet, the essays written by Schwartz will feel like they’re coming from “a big sister who’s already seen it all,” according to the book’s description.

Thirty-Life Crisis is available to pre-order now. It will officially release on June 25, 2019. Will you be pre-ordering it? Tweet us at @Fuzzable to let us know.

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