You Are Invited To This So Totally Fetch ‘Mean Girls’ Screening!

Like anyone who loves us, cos were like awesome, duh!

We’ve got this like so totally sweet place in Marylebone. It’s gonna be awesome! It’s defo gonna look so totally like North Shore High School!

Okay, so like bring your pals and stuff so we can so totally celebrate ‘Mean Girls’ all stylish and stuff! We’re gonna have like loads of super totally awesome stuff going on! We’re gonna have like awesome food and drinks literally inspired by that ‘Mean Girls’ movie! Were gonna totally get our glam on for the sick photo ops, gotta get that gram and SELFIEEEES! The film will be shown on like the most giantest screen eva! The definition will be so totally high! Y’all can have your own spring fling thing!

Right, so this thing yeah? It will be in this place called Seymour Leisure Centre, which is like totally at Seymour Place, London W1H 5TJ!

Right, so you like have to wear pink! Pink is like totally the best colour! Or you can come as your favourite character if that’s like your thing!

Okay, so we’re gonna like totally do this thing on 12th – 16th June 2019!

You gotta come at like 6:30 pm right! And it totally will be over at like 11 pm! So that’s cool right!

This thing is like so totally organised by these cool humans at Paramount Network and is like defo in association with The Luna Cinema!

So like because we are so totally the coolest you gotta get a ticket to this awesome thing! They’re just like £25 + £2.50 booking fee! You gotta get them from here: , so you should probably go do that! You need to book in advance because everyone loves us so it’s gonna be like so totally full!

Right, so if you need help you gotta ask these guys:! If your tickets like don’t arrive or something so totally like not okay, then you can like locate them here or call See Tickets on 08448586767!

We like so totally hope you can come to this thing! it’s gonna be like SO FETCH!!

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Written by Amy Carr

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