World Health Organization Declares Being Transgender Is Not a Mental Illness

We’ve covered all kinds of topics this Pride Month – from Pride-themed playlists to personal heroes and LGBT+ beauty gurus – but now we bring wonderful news: The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared that being transgender is not a mental illness – and just in time for Pride Month!

According to Newsweek, the World Health Organization recognizes now the importance of acceptance – and they say they have the science to back themselves up! The WHO is working actively to prevent stigmas surrounding transgender individuals.

To do this, the organization has removed gender dysphoria from its ongoing list of mental disorders and has instead classified it as a sexual health condition. Because of this, stigma will hopefully reduce around the world, and better healthcare for transgender individuals will become readily accessible.

The World Health Organization’s change in classification follows the American Psychiatric Association’s reclassification in 2013, where they updated the term from gender identity disorder to gender dysphoria.

Now classified as a health condition, gender dysphoria will appear in the WHO’s International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. While this sounds daunting, Newsweek explains that countries around the world use this catalogue to determine where to put money and resources. It also brings much wider visibility to the procedures and healthcare transgender individuals need.

While this is a huge win on a global stage for the LGBT+ community, it comes at the same time as the news of the United States leaving the United Nations’ human rights council. Despite having issues in its own right, the U.S. could have helped the human rights council improve – or use it to help the human rights of its own citizens. Not to mention all of the kids and families currently being held in detention camps in the American southwest.

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