Work Bag Styles That Will Hold All Your Essentials and Still Look Absolutely Amazing

Your work bag is a huge part of your day to day wardrobe, organisation levels and just general life! Whatever profession you’re in, we all need a sturdy, reliable bag to stash all of our everyday essentials. That perfect professional bag isn’t the easiest to find and, as with anything that you’re planning on using on the daily, you should be ready to invest. When you’re preparing to spend some of that hard-earned cash on a new bag, you need to have a thorough idea of what style is going to work for you! The most popular options include…


Tote bags are the most multifunctional, fuss-free bag option out there! You can throw just about anything in a roomy tote, so this is perfect if you find yourself bringing basically everything but the kitchen sink to your office every day. Totes are ideal if you head to the gym before and after work, bring a change of clothes for night-time plans or when you have to lug a lot of technical gear around. However, this style isn’t for everyone – if you aren’t organised with pouches or you have a bad neck or shoulder, it might not be the one for you.


Before you shudder at the idea of your primary school backpack, take a look at how much this style has grown up over the years! Backpacks can be found in so many fashion-forward shades, luxe finishes and high-quality materials. Choose something in a soft neutral or black crafted out of leather to be comfortable and look polished on your way to the office. This is a great option if you suffer from a painful back or if your commute involves walking long distances.


The messenger bag or satchel is such a classic shape and it’s perfect if you’re looking for a stylish work bag that still has a nice stamp of personality on it. Choose a faded, worn tan leather for a vintage touch or opt for a rich black with shining gold accents for the perfect formal addition to your work wardrobe.

Pull Along

A roll along or pull along work bag is the way to go if you’re a frequent traveller or, again, if you’re bringing a lot of gear with you to work. These don’t have to look just like a carry-on case, you can find them crafted out of luxurious leathers and sturdy canvas to style it up a little. Plus, if you find a model with additional handles, your bag doesn’t have to be rolling at all times. You can even find backpack styles with roll along options, for ultimate mobility during continental travel.


This is the classic work bag, and for those who like to keep it traditional or who work in a formal office space, it’s an absolute essential. A briefcase is really only for those who are bringing along sheets of paper, pocket notebooks and a very slim laptop or tablet, so make sure you’ll be able to fit your bits and bobs before you invest here.

Bucket Bag

A smaller option for those who don’t necessarily have to bring a tonne of items with them to their workplace or if you don’t work in an office! The bucket bag closes up quickly, looks cool and creative and will still stash away your grooming essentials, wallet, keys and other small objects.

Work bags don’t have to be boring! Any of these options will be a beautiful addition to your daily looks, no matter who you are or where you work.

Written by Monella

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