Why Your Perfect Instagram Is A Lie

With each of us building our personal “brand” online, a perfectly taken care of Instagram profile is one of the most important aspects of the decade. Brunch is not brunch until it is artistically arranged, perfectly lit, and filmed from above.

We want to be one of the coolest people with a cool Instagram. Most commonly, artists will have the theme for their accounts be perfect in every pixel. A platform where all images are square, it’s now cool to add white or black borders to everything. Artistic progress apparently now means placing your image anywhere randomly in a sea of white squares. It appears we’re missing something.

Maybe we can make a default border or always use the same filter. But what if my hair looks better on Tuesday than on Thursday? Everything black and white? What if we see colors? Are we going to have to dilute our joy with the concern of interrupting our theme?

Some of us have animals and are obsessed with our puppies (#adoptdontbuy) and our camera does not know what hit us – we’re constantly taking photos of them. Now we have a very specific Insta dilemma: cat pics. We struggle to control ourselves. We never get tired of seeing them murder with a fake piece of codon on a stick, but we’re sure it’s not so much fun for anyone who follows us to see five incarnations of the same picture one after another. We thusly gain a new respect for the parents of humans who manage to avoid the total spam of baby photos.

We hope that Instagram’s redeeming quality is honesty. We share pictures of the things we really do and about which we really care. Dogs, cats and other people… Something that often worries us about social media is its impact on mental health. If we are feeling sad or lonely, it may seem a little insulting to watch a continuous stream of people enjoying their barbecues, birthday parties, or breakfasts – or posting selfies. The thing to remember is that people rarely post bad things, even though we all experience them. The celebrities we see can spend a lot of time in street corners with great clothes or drinking in chic bars – but sometimes they drink too much and sit around watching friends on their faces. They surely will not show us that side of them.

We are not saying that we should all begin to instill things in our lives. The next time we feel bad and cry a little, we probably will not build an actual conversation to talk about. But spoiler: This happens. And it works both ways – it is an interesting challenge that will help us, called #100happydays. Basically, for 100 days we post once a day about something that makes us happy. It may seem a bit confusing but it has been shown that it really helps people to take a more positive view, forcing us to focus on something positive each day, even if it is the pleasure of finding matching socks, which is great!

Will you be partaking in the #100happydays challenge? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with your thoughts!

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