Why You Should Take Your Bathrobe to the Beach

Maybe it sounds unorthodox, maybe you’re wondering if you’ll look insane – but, honestly, taking your bathrobe to the beach with you is actually a packing and fashion hack that’s going to completely transform the way you holiday, promise! The first thing to get out of the way is the reminder that everyone is busy worrying about themselves, and really the amount that others are thinking of you and what you’re wearing is little to zero seconds, even if you don’t think it’s the case. Once you’ve got that under wraps, it’s time to convince you with a few very compelling reasons to take that bathrobe to the beach with you…

You’ll Save Space

Packing for your holiday is quite the process, and we’re all far too familiar with that trying to squash your suitcase by sitting on it debacle. Well, with this little hack your case is going to have that extra bit of room in it. Extra space for your holiday shopping or for that dress that you were on the fence about bringing? Yes please!


You never know when your skin is just going to tell you that enough is enough. A bathrobe is the perfect item to protect yourself when that message gets sent. Too much sun can lead to so many health issues, so keep your entire body nicely shaded by applying plenty of sunscreen and bringing along the right coverup – which is definitely your robe! It’s so great because your arms, legs, shoulders and back  are going to be completely concealed. No holiday sun burns for you!

Easy Beach Wear

Getting all dressed up for the beach is not what you want to spend your precious relaxation time doing, is it? Didn’t think so! A stylish bathrobe used as a coverup is such an easy way of layering up to head to the beach without any effort at all. Match with a pair of thongs, oversized sunnies and a woven basket bag for a flawless and comfortable beach outfit that will have you feeling like the most chilled out holidayer on the sand. You can always throw your robe on over a slip dress, silk skirt or shorts and a tee if you feel like you want to put more of an ensemble together, whatever you’re comfortable with!

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

Come on, can you even dream of anything more comfortable than an amazing robe? Look for slinky styles crafted from silk, cashmere or satin or an outrageously cosy and comfortable feel all day long. These natural materials, particularly in comfortable cashmere robes, are great because they’re also going to serve you whilst you use your robe as it was designed for, you still want to get use out of it all year round, after all!

Less Washing

This one goes hand in hand with the less packing point, but it deserves it’s own section because it is so indisputably glorious. The mass pile of washing that you have to face following the end of a holiday is the best way to snap you back into the reality of your daily routine, however, using your robe for the beach is a great way of minimising that pile. Hey, every little helps, right?

Style Statement

You’ll be totally unique as you channel that old world elegance of the beach sirens back in the 30s! A fun style statement is always fabulous, and let’s all be honest, wearing a robe to the beach is pretty glamorous and eye-catching! Pair with statement earrings and a ballerina bun to take it to the next level, if that’s your thing!

Written by Monella

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