Why you should avoid Fad Diets at all costs

Losing weight can be a hard endeavor. That’s why so many people in pursuit of weight loss end up falling for shortcuts like fad diets that promise quick and easy results. However, like anything that sounds too good to be true, fad diets often end up in disappointments and frustration. 

Fad diets are appealing and can be hard to resist especially because they are so trendy in today’s day and age of social media. To make it worse, advertisements for fad diets have gotten better and better with time, which has made it even harder for individuals to discern the difference between a healthy trend and a fad. 

But in general, fad diets should be avoided at all costs. Not only do they fail to address the issues that have led you to gain weight in the first place, but they insist on the extreme reduction of calories, which is never a good thing when you are trying to lose weight healthily. 

Why you should avoid fad diets at all costs

Fad diets are grossly unhealthy

Fad diets are grossly unhealthy because they ask participants to stay away from certain types of foods while drastically reducing others. This can cause a grave dietary deficiency to take place, which is anything but healthy. The objective of any nutritional plan should be to include as many varieties of healthy foods as possible and it should not be to malnourish you. When fad diets remove nutritional value from your meals, it can cause you to gain even more weight as the practice will not be sustainable in the long run.

There are healthier alternatives

Fad diets are just that- trends- that come and go in a flash. When trying to lose weight, you want to make a complete lifestyle change that you can maintain all through your life. Eating should not be a task that you approach with dread, it should be both pleasurable, as well as nutritious. When trying to lose weight, there are many other alternatives that you can try that can still allow you to lose weight such as exercise, as well as relying on healthy supplements such as products from Betancourt Nutrition.

Fad diets are stressful

Fad diets are generally designed to be as strict as possible, which can take quite a toll when you are trying to lose weight while balancing the hustle and bustle of day to day life. When you have not eaten as well as you should, your stress levels can climb even higher than they should. In the end, this will have a negative effect on your personal and social life that can make life even tougher to deal with.

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