Why We Love: TourLife’s Devvon Wilsher-Day

Devvon Wilsher-Day is Global Brand Manager at TourLife. Why do we love Devvon? She’s one of a handful of females working in a largely male-dominated company and we think it’s great the TourLife team are recognising the importance of woman in an extremely male-led industry, we are in awe of Devvon and all the things she’s done at the company since she took began working their six months ago.

She brings her experience from corporate business and creative production to work across multiple areas of the TourLife brand.

From managing customer relationships, curating brand partnerships and taking care of the overall TourLife brand in general.


Devvon has also been working on launching variable new business ventures under the TourLife name, including projects within social media & sport.

Other aspects of her role include coordinating events, producing merchandise and overseeing both brand & trade marketing for the company.

TourLife was created by Harry Parslow to help make the touring process easier for artists. They are committed to becoming the #1 touring company for all your favourite artists.

“When it comes to touring, I want us to be able to take care of everything under one roof. This will make the lives of artists not only easier, but cheaper as well.” – Harry Parslow CEO of TourLife in an interview for CelebMix

Since leaving her job at NBC Universal in June, Devvon has truly got stuck in at TourLife and begin an integral part of the team. Most recently she has been responsible for a creative brand refresh, which will be implemented in 2020, working with vendors to ensure the TourLife branding is cohesive and vibrant across all platforms.

Devvon working with Giggs


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