Why we love: The Nasey Family.

Here at Fuzzable, we are YouTuber obsessed. From the prank superstars (The Dolan Twins), thought provokers (Shane Dawson) to the beauty babes (SophDoesNails) our subscription list is high, but one particular family are bringing us smiles 4 times a week, The Nasey Family.

Who are The Nasey Family and why do we adore them?

The family consists of Casey Barker (older brother of Youtube powerhouse Saffron Barker) Nicole (Ni) Corrales and their adorable tot Harlow Barker. Their content is based on their daily lives, showing all the highs, lows and crazy times of parenting, as well as pranks, Disney sing-a-longs, and fashion. They make it their mission to always see the positives in situations, care about everyone and everything and to always make the world a happier place. We’re going to dive a little deeper into why each member of the Nasey Family brings a little sparkle

Nicole Corrales.

Nicole is the Brazilian beauty who’s not only the worlds sweetest mother, she also is a fully certified beauty guru as well, she has her own YouTube channel full of beauty tutorials, challenges and fun – check it out here. Ni is known for her sense of humor, her ability to mix Brazilian cultures with English ones, and also for her down to earth parenting journey. She’s not only been like a big sister to younger fans, but she also has gained many mummy fans too.

Casey Barker.

Casey is the oldest brother of YouTube powerhouse Saffron Barker. Known mainly for his sense of fun, humor and adventure Casey has amassed over 300,000 subscribers on his own channel. Casey’s loves are football, Disney movies, food and most importantly his own family. Also, Casey is somewhat of a parental mastermind, coming up with the parenting hack of taking your toddler to a pet store to look at animals as it’s more affordable than a zoo. Genius.

Harlow Barker.

The cutest member of the Nasey Family by far is 1 year old Harlow. She’s the tot of parent’s Casey and Nicole, but the super cute tot is as full of love and adventure as her parents. She’s the biggest fan of all animals and is shaping up to make the world a better place for furry and feathered friends already. Harlow’s growth journey is something super precious to watch.

Baby Seed.

With the recent news of the Nasey Family growing by one more (a little boy!) although we’ve only seen a glimpse of how the family is expanding and a few photographs of the newest member, we cannot wait to watch Nicole’s bump grow and the littlest Barker to arrive later this year.

What video should you watch first of The Nasey Family?

Harlow is the sweetest child about, and in this vlog we get to see all the cute and adorable stuff she gets up to during the day.

Where can I follow the Nasey Family?

You can subscribe to them on YouTube.

You can follow Nicole, Casey and even Harlow on Instagram.

As well as following Nicole and Casey on Twitter.

Whilst your following them on Twitter, make sure to follow us too @Fuzzable.

Written by Niki

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