Why We Love: Revolve’s Charina Scott

Charina Scott is the Brand Marketing Manager for Revolve.  She is based in Los Angeles. She started working for Revolve in 2013 as a Public Relations Coordinator. She then became Revolves Public Relations Manager before taking the position of Brand Marketing Manager specializing in Partnerships in 2016.

Charina’s job is extremely varied. It sees her traveling the world as part of the #revolvearoundtheworld campaign which sees Revolve and the various fashion brands they work with take some of the most well known social influencers around the world to showcase their products.

In the past 12 months alone Charina has worked on some of Revolves biggest marketing campaign and events including the inaugural Revolve awards and the annual Revolve festival, which is one the must-have invites along the Coachella weekend and of course Revolve in the Hamptons.

Revolve was launched in 2003 as Los Angeles by Michael Karanikolas and Michael Mente. They immediately established themselves as something different by not following traditional advertising and marketing methods. They used influencers to build the brand, enlisted models, bloggers, vloggers, and social media stars to show an example of what the Revolve customer can aspire to be.

Charina regularly posts photos of the trips and events she works on, on her Instagram. She also posts photos of the influencers she works with including some of our fave influencers Sophia Smith and Camila Coelho.

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🖤 #revolveawards

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She posts some gorgeous shots of the places she’s visited as part of her job.

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out of captions🚤#revolvearoundtheworld #gamerink

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i am LIVING #revolvearoundtheworld

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tea time ☕️🍰 at the rich Paris

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the sunset here 😍 #revolveinthehamptons

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We love Charina Scott as she is a woman who is passionate about her job. You can see it images she and the people she works with posts. Charina has worked her way up in Revolve working with her fellow team members on the Revolve Marketing team. She showcases her job, what she posts is real.

Sometimes all the traveling and events she does is tough. It’s hard work to organize the events and trips that Revolve do every year to showcase the brands. It can be a full-on job with seemingly long hours and not much sleep. We love that Revolve has someone like Charina Scott working for them who is the ultimate brand ambassador. Her outlook and dedication to the company and her sheer love for her job to us show that you can attain your dream job if you work for it.

Yes, Revolve relies on Influencers to promote their brand, but to us, the real stars of Revolve are people like Charina Scott and the marketing team.

You can follow Revolve on Instagram and check out their website to shop the latest fashions.

If working at Revolve is your dream job then you can check out @revolvecareers.

Do you love Charina Scott as much as us for the work she does with Revolve, or would you love to be a brand marketing manager like her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or over on @Fuzzable!


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