Why We Love Louis; Reason 142

Louis Tomlinson is one of the worlds biggest superstars. With millions upon millions of adoring fans, chart-topping music and not to mention his looks that make us weak, we were sure that there was nothing else to make Louis any more perfect than he already is. 

That was until a fan of his contacted us to inform us of yet another amazing thing Louis has done, which frankly made us say ‘Aww’ louder then Louis cheering for the Rovers.

Noelle’s message said

I was working with Ross Owens @TheRossOwensShow, Ross was trying to get the attention of Harry Styles to sign an Airdrie Football Jersey to raise money for @ShiningStarsASN. ShiningStars is a theater program for children and adults on the who have additional support needs. Ross’ 5yr old son attends the program. The money raised would go to help them purchase sensory items, gifts for the children at Christmas time, supplies. We’ve continued to work with Ross, promoting the campaign by tweeting about it and we made a video too. I promised Ross I wouldn’t give up until the message reached Louis, no matter how long it took. So a few days ago Louis was active on Twitter tweeting about England during the World Cup, and so we worked to get Louis’ attention and.. IT WORKED! Louis saw the tweets and he is going to sign the jersey to help raise money for the kids of ShiningStars!! Ross made a great video to thank him for doing so.

It’s official. This selfless act will be able to help some of the worlds most precious Shining Stars. Not only is this going to raise a lot of money, but it’s also brought a lot of attention to such an amazing cause.

Could we love Louis any more?

Make sure you keep checking the Shining Stars Facebook page for updates on this football shirt and to share some love for the team.

Written by Niki

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