Why Do I Want To Be A Journalist?

So, the other day I was finishing off my ucas application to start at a different university close to home for second year. And, I came across the last bit of the application that you have control over, the personal statement. I know I wasn’t going to copy and paste my last one so I started to think up what to write. So, I started from the beginning of why I want to be a journalist so I thought I’d share that little story.

From a young age, my parents always told us about what their ambitions were when they were children. My dad wanted to be an English teacher and my mum wanted to be a journalist. At the time when I was you know five or six, I didn’t really understand quite what a journalist was. But, again, from a very young age, I was interested in stories and reading and writing and news and I think that was down to my mum too. So, thanks mum!

Anyway, back in 2002 when I was two, almost three, a band came into my life. Now, of course at that age I didn’t understand how important this band would be to my life. But my earliest memories include me running around my living room singing their songs when they came on the pop party channel and making my parents constantly play their album in the car (Sorry guys). But this is where it really started for me. Not just my love and passion for music but also my determination for journalism. And, that band, my friends was Busted.

As I am told, my obsession with Busted just got bigger. And then McFly came onto the scene and I got obsessed with them too. But then, the day came that broke my heart, Busted split up. It still makes me sad thinking about it, I was so crushed. This band that I loved so much were gone. The person I was beginning to, I realise now, look up to was no longer there. I was so sad.

A few days later, my dad was reading a newspaper or a magazine and told me there was a story about Busted in there. And his work friends were round at the time and one of them was talking crap about them, Charlie especially, who was that person I was beginning to look up to and I was heartbroken by this. So, from that day onwards, I was determined that I would work for a newspaper one day and write a great story about how much Busted mean to me and how much I love Charlie Simpson.

Flash forward to 2017, I haven’t let go of that dream. I’ve worked hard and am now studying journalism in a hope that one day, I will work for that newspaper and write that story.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is if you have a dream, go for it. Have aspirations for the future? Just go for it. You’ve got this.

Oh, and the best part? Busted are back together now.

Written by chloe

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