Which ski resort takes the crown as the most popular in the world?

Skiing is a popular holiday choice for millions of people every year, escaping for an adrenaline rush, stunning picturesque mountain views, snowy slopes, winter sports and post-ski entertainment in the form of après ski on offer, but with so many to choose from, which ski resort should you choose?

Posting travel photos on one of the world’s most popular online social media platform, Instagram has never been more popular. There are an average of 80 million photos uploaded every single day and over 7 million posts on the site have the hashtag #skiing. As winter is well underway, the ski slopes will come alive with avid skiers grabbing their skis to embrace the snow and freezing temperatures. With incredible mountain views, winter sports and post-ski entertainment, there’s no wonder why so many of us ditch the sun and sand for this wintry alternative. With such stunning views on offer, it’s not surprising that we can’t help but post our favorite holiday snaps on Instagram. There are so many ski resorts to choose from across the world, from Japan to France, but which is the most popular when it comes to posting on Instagram?

“Sometimes it’s all about winning,

Sometimes it’s all about skiing!”

A research done by Alpha Travel Insurance reveals the top 25 most Instagrammable ski resort destinations around the globe, upon analyzing hashtags on Instagram used for each one and created an interactive map. View the interactive piece in full by clicking here. Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Ski Resorts on the Instagram down below:

Rank Destination Hashtag Number of times hashtag used

Banff, Canada #Banff 1,901,654
2 Whistler,Canada #Whistler 1,761,367
3 Aspen, USA #Aspen 1,183,962
4 Chamonix, France #Chamonix 863,814
5 Vail, USA #Vail 745,765
6 Bend, USA #Bend 650,730
7 Zermatt,
#Zermatt 577,386
8 Telluride, USA #Telluride 403,477
9 Niseko, Japan #Niseko 357,618
10 Wanaka, NZ #Wanaka 346,327

The above study shows that:

  • Banff takes away the crown as the most popular ski resort according to Instagram with almost 1,901,654 hashtags, used till date.
  • Canada, which is well known for its snowy landscapes and beautiful views, leaves us with no surprise and becomes the most popular Instagrammed destination for ski resorts with Banff and Whistler taking the two top spots.
  • USA is the leading country with eight ski resorts appearing in the top 25 destinations.
  • Europe is the place to visit if you’re an avid skier with a grand total of twelve destinations across the continent to choose from.
Banff National Park, Canada
Whistler, Canada
Aspen, USA

There are approximately 275 Canadian ski areas that see more over 19 million visits per season resulting, there’s a huge amount of choice when picking your Canadian ski get away. According to Instagram, Banff and Whistler are the places to be. Banff National Park, in which there are three ski areas was Canada’s first National Park and only the third in the world giving this ski resort historical value as well as its obvious beauty and popularity. Coming in as the third most popular ski resort is Aspen, USA, #Aspen has been used 1,183,962 times making it the most Instagrammed American ski resort. It is famous for its celebrity visitors, glamours and cultured towns and challenging ski slopes. Colorado has four separate ski areas known as Aspen Snowmass, all linked by a shuttle bus service. Originally a Victorian mining town, Aspen hosts a huge amount of history as well as its world famous ski resort so it’s no wonder this location is so popular for the worlds ski lovers.

No matter how beautiful the location, the most important part of the trip is obviously the skiing itself. This high adrenaline sport doesn’t come without its risks though with a number of winter sports related insurance claims being made each year. According to research study, the destination you’re most likely to make an injury claim when enjoying winter sports is France. Out of 74 injury claims made this year so far, 40 were made in France. So whether you’re planning your first time on the slopes or you’re a skiing pro, choosing a ski resort can be tricky with a huge amount of choice all over the world.

Now that you know the ultimate ski resorts, where do you think you’ll be packing up your ski gear and heading to next? 

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